Sunday, December 18, 2011

Federal Crackdown On Medical Marijuana

Over the past few months the federal government, as well as certain sectors of state governments, have been attacking marijuana with some of the oldest excuses and propaganda sense the start of prohibition. These senators and representatives have been cracking down on medical marijuana saying how it promotes violence and drug use among people when in fact, medical marijuana states have no increased amount of drug users and areas where medical marijuana dispensaries have a lower violence rate as well as a lower crime rate in general. For the past few months California's Melinda Haag has called for a state wide crack down on medical marijuana. She's calling for less dispensaries in California and forcing dispensaries to close of they're "too close" to a school, park, or church.
California isn't alone, recently the federal government announced they will send letters to dispensaries within 1000 ft of schools and will give them 45 days to move or terminate operations in those areas.
In a nut shell, the federal government is stepping up their raids which as you know, affects thousands of patients and prevents them from obtaining their medicine.


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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Brief History of Hemp/Marijuana

Marijuana/hemp/cannabis, whatever you would like to call it, has been used for about 10,000 years. Some of the first fabrics were believed to have been derived from dried hemp sometime between 7,000 and 8,000 BC in Europe and Asia.
At around 6,000 BC hemp seeds were believed to be used as a common food in China and by 2727 BCE cannabis is used in China for medicine for treating a variety of health problems and is later grown in a large scale for food and fiber.
By 1500 BC the Scythians traveled through Europe and Asia and are weaving cannabis into cloth. Between 700 and 300 BC, Scythian tribes had elevated the plant's status and cannabis seeds were used as offerings in tombs for royalty.
From around 1200 to 800 BC, cannabis is known as "sacred grass" in India, being one of the 5 "sacred plants" in the Arthava-Veda text. It was also used as an offering to Shiva, a major Hindu deity.
Between 500 and 600 BC the Jewish Talmud mentions the euphoric properties of cannabis.
Around 500 BC Gautama Buddha (563-483 BC) survived off of eating marijuana seeds and leaves as a primary food source. The hemp plant is also widely spread out from around 500 BC for the next 400 years throughout the sub-continent.
Carthage and Rome struggle for political and commercial power over hemp and spice trade routes in the Mediterranean Sea around 300 BC.
In 100 BC the Chinese make paper from cannabis and mulberry.
Roman surgeon Dioscorides names the cannabis plant sativa and describes many medical benefits of cannabis, he also writes a guide for farming cannabis in 100 AD.
Between 900 and 1000 AD, cannabis is smoked in the Middle East, often to Muslims who were not allowed to drink alcohol.
In 1000 AD 'hempe' is added to the English dictionary.
Moslems uses hemp for making paper in 1150 AD, it becomes the most popular method for making paper for the next 700 years.
In 1492, Christopher Columbus sails to the new world (North America) with hemp sails and introduces the hemp plant to North America.
In 1564, King Phillip of Spain orders hemp to be grown throughout his empire, from modern-day Argentina to Oregon.
In 1619, farmers in the new world are required to grow marijuana by law, this is also the first law in the new world that involves the hemp plant. It could also be used to pay taxes.
In 1776, the American Declaration of Independence is written on paper made from hemp.
In 1797, George Washington grows hemp as a primary farm while Thomas Jefferson grows hemp as a secondary crop.
In 1840 medical cannabis is sold in the United States in pharmacies.
In the 1800s, Australia survives two famines by eating hemp seeds and leaves as primary food sources.
The Sultan of Turkey gave marijuana to the U.S. as a gift in 1876 and by 1880 Turkish smoking parlors opened all over the Northern U.S.
In 1906, the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed in the U.S and the FDA was formed. This was the first law to to have any government oversight over drugs.
In 1908 Henry Ford made his first Model T with parts made from hemp plastic, the vehicle also ran on hemp ethanol, the hemp plastic's impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel.
Cannabis prohibition begins in the U.S. in 1919 in California when the state outlawed hemp to be used for medicine.
In 1919, El Paso band marijuana, mostly to control the Mexican population there as migrant workers from Mexico smoked marijuana after a hard days of work. The people of European decent didn't approve of their customs.
In 1928, the recreational use of marijuana is banned in Britian.
In 1935 Compressed agricultural fibreboard is invented in Sweden.
In 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act forbids marijuana farming in the U.S.
1996: California becomes the first state in the country to legalize medical marijuana, Canada later legalizes medical marijuana in 2003.
In 2010, California holds the vote for Proposition 19 which would legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana throughout the state. After the Republican party fed a bunch of propaganda to the public (EX: saying a bus driver could smoke pot while driving and showing a picture of a crashed school bus) the vote didn't pass.
In 2011, Barney Frank and Ron Paul introduce H.R. 2306 which would ultimately remove marijuana from the controlled substances list. Many months later, it yet has to have a hearing. It hasn't had a hearing yet because Lamar Smith (R-TX) (the one who also wants to censor our Internet) isn't allowing the bill to have a fair hearing.

Even though the world's history with marijuana is amazing and this plant saves lives and has been doing so for thousands of years, we all still struggle in our efforts to legalize cannabis and will continue to do so until either the governments that prohibit it collapse or until the rich corporation owners and bribed people of congress cut the shit and let us use this amazing plant.

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Most used sources: Brainz, HempHouse

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting A Hold of Your Local Representative

Over the past few months I have been trying to get a hold of R-MI Justin Amash (the representative for my area) and it's been quite difficult. I've sent him about a dozen emails and have heard nothing from him. I posted on his Facebook page and FINALLY got a response, from people telling me to post on his Facebook wall... After posting on his wall AGAIN I got a response from Jordan Bush, the District Director for Justin Amash and he told me to call him and for everyone else to call him and everyone else having trouble getting a hold of Justin Amash. Now, in one of Jordan Bush's speeches he talks about how it's important for everyone to know their government at a local level, Jordan Bush is making this rather difficult. I posted my question which was asking Justin Amash what his stance on H.R. 2306 is and why he supports his stance. The question was posted publicly due to the fact that I believe everyone should read it on Justin Amash's page, it helps us learn about our government at a local level after all.
Now, I'm sure many others have tried to get a hold of their local representatives and the people trying to get a hold of their local representatives, like myself, are being constantly ignored. If you managed to get a hole of your local representative then you're in a small area or you're lucky and the person answering your question just happens to be at least a decent person in the government. The fact that us citizens are being ignored further proves that the people in government only care for themselves and not the people who put them into office in the first place.
This is the Marijuana Tribune and that is my rant for today.
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tolerance, Learn Its Ways

People often find ways to ruin the lives of good people simply because they don't agree with their ways of life. This includes religions people choose to follow, the area in which people live in, who the people choose to marry, and of course, what people choose to consume. The list goes on. The peoples' lack of tolerance causes only problems and forever will cause only problems. This is no different for people who choose to smoke marijuana. Though marijuana has a ton of support among the people for the full legalization, other (mostly brainwashed) people tend to come up with feeble excuses on why they think nobody should consume marijuana. They refuse to accept the fact that people will toke up no matter what is done politically and no matter what people tell them. The truth is, marijuana smokers tend to be more educated about well, marijuana. They know the true facts more than most people tend to. People are learning more true facts about marijuana and as the true information is being accepted gradually. Recent polls suggest that the majority of the population of the United States support the legalization of marijuana, the same wouldn't have been said just one decade ago.

Now, let us see some real world examples of how the lack of tolerance has harmed the lives of good people:

  • Gay Rights
Face it, there are gay people. They exist. They want the same rights as everybody else. Even to this day tons of people show a lack of tolerance towards gays and a lot of states have passed laws to prevent gay marriage. Up until recently people couldn't be openly gay in the military just because of the people they choose to date and marry. The most common reason why people are against it is because they believe that it's wrong due to their religion being against gay marriage. Now, I'm not gay myself but does that mean I think gays shouldn't be allowed to marry? No, simply because it has no harmful effect on me or anyone else for that matter.

  • Foreigners' Rights
Many people in the United States tend to believe that people from other countries don't “deserve” to live in the United States simply because they were not born here. Now, in case you don't know this, the United States was formed because of foreigners so others have just as much of a right to be here as everyone else. A lot of people tend to cross the Mexican-American boarder. The reason; to live a better life. People travel from broken down countries with the knowledge of little to no English because of how harsh their lives were in other countries. They can't apply for good jobs until they get a permit so if someone isn't a legal resident, don't bash on them. If you feel the need to bash them then go live where they did for a while. You'll see why they're here.

  • Medical Marijuana Patients
Medical marijuana patients have been taking a lot of heat lately, much of it from the citizens and some of it from the government. The government says much of the same thing the people say, most of the information being false. The government states that states with medical marijuana laws in tact have more marijuana smokers, studies show it's false. The people say the people who are high on marijuana and drive are at the same risk, or a higher risk of a car accident, than people who are intoxicated from alcohol. Every stoner knows that's a lie as alcohol impairs your ability to drive much worse than alcohol. Read my other posts if you want to learn more.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to learn how to accept the facts that just because you don't like it, that doesn't mean people shouldn’t do it or be apart of it. As long as nobody is being harmed from someone's actions, people should be allowed to do whatever they want. Does littering harm others? Yes, it disrupts the scenery and helps make communities look bad so don't litter and say it's not harming anyone (just an example), so don't abuse these words. If you don't like marijuana then simply stay away from it. If you're young, you live with your parents and you don't want them smoking around you, then ask them to take it outside. I myself haven't been able to get my parents to take their smoke outside when I was younger but eventually they did. All it took was some research on how second-hand tobacco smoke kills and a good lecture. If they're smoking marijuana then the second-hand smoke thing won't work out so well as marijuana has no direct deaths associated with it (unlike alcohol and tobacco). Sure they'll be cold in the winter but at least the environment was safer. It'll also not smell as bad (depending if you like the smell of smoke or not, I love pot smoke smell but hate tobacco smoke smell). So remember, don't be a Nazi and let people do what they want as long as it doesn't harm you. I don't mean the person doing it I mean you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marijuana Prohibition Ruins Millions Of Lives

Marijuana prohibition has been in effect for 74 years and has caused more harm than good. In the past 74 years there have been 23 million arrests for marijuana possession, 90% in which are for simple possession. Each year about 850,000 arrests are conducted in the United States only for marijuana charges. People are locked up in prisons, sent to juvenile detention centers, given probation, and other unnecessary acts of punishment for possessing a simple plant, many of whom use it purely for medical purposes to treat their symptoms that have been causing problems in the first place. Marijuana is a medicine, a relaxant, something that brightens the day of millions of Americans every day. Below is a very well written letter to NORML from Brittany M of Kentucky in which is an extremely good example of how today's marijuana policies are broken.

—— Forwarded Message
From: Brittany M.
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 17:42:03 -0400
Subject: PLEASE READ! Why I Support NORML!

Hello, fellow good-doers. Since recently discovering NORML via internet research, I have become elated to realize that there is a group of serious people ready to make serious change regarding marijuana laws. I am a citizen of Elliott County, Kentucky-an extremely small town in northeaster KY. I believe that an abundance of citizens stand to gain a whole lot from your organization, if they can all be made aware of its existence. Kentucky’s ridiculous marijuana laws have caused me so much turmoil and pain that I couldn’t resist contacting you PERSONALLY to tell you my story.

I am seventeen years old now, but not in high school. It’s not because I’m lazy or a drop-out, but because I graduated two years early, as a sophomore. Not only have I always maintained straight-A’s, but I was accepted into Morehead State University at only sixteen years of age! I had everyone’s support, and I was far beyond excited to finally be academically challenged. My life had done a complete 180 at this point, because it wasn’t too long prior that I was in shambles…

I suffer from anxiety and major depression. When I was thirteen, I attempted suicide and began my journey into the world of psychiatric “help”. I was medicated with Zoloft, Trazadone, and at least five other anti-anxiety/antidepressants that I can’t recall the names of. Some of them made my hair fall out, while others caused me to sweat and shake uncontrollably. All of them required a two-week period of adjustment upon starting, during which I would vomit more than I care to speak of. Nowadays, I am prescribed to take two Prozac capsules every single day, and I may very well have to take them for the rest of my living days. But, admittedly, marijuana helped me overcome the side effects that were crippling me. My first day on campus, in January of 2011, was the best I’ve had. For the first time in a long time, I felt normal. I went to class, I met a boy, and everyone wanted to be my friend. The next day, it was time for me to move into my dorm room. I arrived well before my classes would begin, but I would never make it to class that day. An anonymous tip had been called in to the campus police department that I was a “pot head”. I had a debilitating anxiety attack while I watched three uniformed police officers tear through all of my belongings, throwing them aside as if they were garbage, and never once asking me, “What is wrong?”, or, “What are these medications for?”. Minutes later I was whisked away, bad-mouthed by the Dean of Students (who had just been commending me on my ACT score of 30), and told that I was to leave and could not return until the Fall of 2013, a whole year after my original class, who I had long since surpassed, would graduate and move on.

In August, after months and months of torture-seeing everyone else being happy and college-bound-and being tied up in Kentucky’s legal system, I had my final court date. I was administered a supervised drug test, for which I passed all but THC, and sentenced to 7 days in Boyd Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Ashland, KY I am fully aware that it is meant to be a punishment and not a vacation, but the facility was filthy and very poorly maintained. I witnessed two staff members mocking a much younger boy who was obviously mentally handicapped. I was forced to drink from a glass that had insects and dirt festering in the bottom. On top of all of this, my mother was provided with paperwork stating that I was to be placed on a mandatory orientation that would last for 48 hours, which I was unaware of until I came home. However, within the facility, we were told that orientation was no less than four days.

I rested very well on night number four, having finally spoken to my family. However, the next day I awoke to a brand-spanking-new, and very rigorous exercise regimen, introduced to us by a male employee who I was seeing on this day for the very first time. During this regimen, I had an anxiety attack and everyone was asked to return to their cells while I was left to the floor, gasping for air and being closely watched, but otherwise unattended. We ate our breakfast in the festering cesspool of a cafeteria, and then a female worker led us, not to our block, but to the gymnasium for more exercise. Sometime during this activity, I began to feel weak, and weird. Something totally foreign came over me, and I was scared. I raised my hand, and waited to be called on, as was protocol, and quickly informed the staff member that I thought something was really wrong. She simply replied that if I were to vomit, I would be cleaning it myself, and told me to run six laps for speaking out. I’m not completely clear about what happened after that, other than that I hit the concrete floor, hard.
I awoke much later, in a daze, and projectile vomiting ensued. I was loaded into an ambulance, accompanied by the female worker who continuously asked me if I had medical insurance. I was far too shaken, scared, and sick to pay her much attention at the time. Here I was puking into a bag that the ambulance attendant provided me, and she wanted to know about my insurance policy? I was whisked out of the ambulance and into the ER, with shackles around my feet. All I could think about was my mother, and so I asked if she had been called. She had not. I noted a nearby clock on the wall of my hospital room read 9:45. I was scanned, poked, prodded, and MRI-ed for what felt like an eternity, until they finally informed me that I had suffered an acute heart attack and may also have mitral valve prolapse (MVP), a heart condition that caused me synocopal episodes, and that I would need to be back the next day for more tests.

Still too weak to walk, I was wheeled in a wheelchair to the front door, where BOTH the female and male staff members from BRJDC were waiting with big smiles and a bag of fast food for me. Still, they were curious about my insurance My family has zero income, and so I explained to them that I have a medical card provided to me by the state. We pulled back into the facility, and I was put in a holding cell instead of my regular room. I tossed and turned and listened to muffled voices from behind the door, until finally an unfamiliar staff member came to me with a box of my clothes, and announced to me that I was going home.

I ran to my mother and hugged her. I was seeing sunshine for the first time in five or six days. It felt like a miracle. In the car, I saw that it was 3:15. I asked my mother why she didn’t come to the hospital, and she told me that she had only just been called, and rushed right over. She had no idea what had happened to me. Our brief reunion was devastated in the following weeks with doctors and tests, hospitals and neurologists, who finally put me on two new medicines that I will, once again, most likely have to be on for the rest of my life.
BUT MY QUESTION TO YOU IS THIS…how much marijuana was I arrested with that caused me all this turmoil? Back in January, back on campus, back in the campus PD…they weighed the crumpled cellophane from my pocket and the digital scale read 0.2 grams.

My college career, my mental stability, and above all else, my health, have been irreversibly damaged. I feel as though NORML can make sure that nothing like this happens to anyone in a situation similar to mine ever again. I wouldn’t wish this travesty on any mother and daughter, and I know that you would not either.

Thank you for listening,

Brittany M.

Letter originally posted by NORML

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Petition is up, show your support!

NORML has started a petition for the regulation of marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. Today the White House also started the petition service, We The People. The minimum requirement for a petition to be presented to the White House staff is 5,000 signatures in 30 days, NORML's petition has already passed that requirement by hundreds. At this rate the petition will have an estimated (keep in mine it's my guess not a professionals) 180,000 signatures (6,000 a day) as long as nobody reports this post as inappropriate which the government will gladly use as an excuse to take it down. But keep in mind, the more signatures the better. The petition is already attracting small time news websites and if this keeps up it may even hit national news which is what we really need to make our legalization movements and efforts move forward! Most of the time in recent news, when marijuana was mentioned it was pro-legalization and we kept getting massive figures of support for the full legalization of marijuana. So show your support, sign the petition, and keep support for this good cause!
Edit: The petition currently has 34,536 signatures, keep it up everyone!

Petition is here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

We Must Never Give Up!

When something hits the national news, tons of people are informed of the subject(s). HR 2306 is one of those subjects as it well, hit national news. A lot of the marijuana legalization supporters jumped up and said "fuck yeah!" then when the news changed they sat back down and that news just became a memory. A memory that is only alive in their heads but not in reality. The information is in their heads, it's in our heads. We know of what happened and we know what can happen if we set our minds to the legalization of marijuana and take actions to help legalize the plant. The amount actions we can take for supporting the legalization of marijuana is high. Except, the number of people willing to take these actions is low. Most marijuana supporters don't take any action beyond saying they support legalization which is what makes us look so weak to the public. Sure we have advocacy groups such as NORML and the SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) and other groups as well but their power is limited. Without groups such as these we wouldn't be where we are at with marijuana, not as many states would have decriminalized marijuana and medical marijuana. Propaganda from the United States government would have a higher chance of being believed by even you So I, along with thousands of other people in support, urge you to get the word out on how marijuana legalization would greatly improve this nation. Contact your senators, start/sign petitions, donate to groups supporting legalization, start a blog, become a fan of something pro-marijuana on Facebook, do whatever you can in your power and show the government how YOU along with millions of other Americans support legalization! Much of it can be done right in front of your computer, even on you cell phone!
To take your first step into action tell congress what you want here!

Monday, August 15, 2011

10 years after legalization, drug use down

10 years ago, Portugal decriminalized all drugs. In the 1990s, Portugal had a major drug problem among hard drug users with an estimated 100,000 users in a country with a population of only around 10 million. The cost of fighting these drugs, locking people in prison for these drugs, and caring for the people who have been hospitalized due to the use of using the drugs was out of control. Even with Western nations criticizing the decision in 2001 Portugal decriminalized all drugs. 10 years later drug use went down by about half. Instead of having 100,000 prisoners the country is now concerned about 40,000 patients of drug abuse. HIV/AIDS and hepatitis infections has plummeted.

Now, keep in mind. Marijuana isn't a hard drug but a soft drug. This event in Portugal further proves that if marijuana is legalized, marijuana use won't go up. Instead it'll most likely decline. When alcohol prohibition ended alcohol use went down and kids had a hard time getting to it. If marijuana was decriminalized the same would happen as businesses could grow it, have it taxed, and sell it for a lower price. Now if marijuana is legalized dealers will have a very hard time keeping their prices low compared to the local business that sells the plant to the shops which then would require an ID for purchasing while also being safer because when you buy from an unknown dealer you have no clue what could have been added to your product.

Greece has noticed this and has proposed drug decriminalization bills. The proposals state that all people, including prisoners, will have a right to drug treatment. If cannabis is grown in ones home and they're questioned for it, the grower must prove how it's strictly for personal use. This does not make drugs completely legal but it makes drugs legal for personal use. Drug trafficking will still remain a felony.

So what is the United States waiting for? As times are tough and spending money isn't an option, why are we still fighting a lost battle? Other nations are noticing the benefits of legalization. The United States has seen the benefit of legalization with alcohol but continues to ignore them!

Sources: Cannabis Culture, Politonmist

Thursday, August 11, 2011

America Is Agreeing, Marijuana Is Good

Polls asking Americans if marijuana should be legalized has been going up a ton the past 10 years and every year almost every poll that is conducted shows more support for legalizing the plant. According to a new poll from Angus Reid Public Opinion 55% of Americans support the legalization, up from 52% in 2009 while 40% oppose. Support for legalization of marijuana among democrats is 61% while only 41% of republicans support legalization. In 2010 there was an ABC News/Washington Post poll showing 8 in 10 Americans support medical marijuana, up from 69% a decade before the poll, while only 43% supported legalization for personal use. It appears that more people are learning the truth about marijuana while the amount of medical studies soar, especially the studies about how THC has been proven to prevent growth and decrease the size/amount of cancer cells, just to name a few. Support for the War on Drugs has very little support showing only 9% of Americans saying the War on Drugs is a success while 67% of Americans say it's a complete failure.

The support for legalization of other drugs such as Heroin, methamphetamine, and ecstasy is only at 10%.

So there you have it. The more time goes on the more propaganda rubs off the people and the more education and truth is drilled in. I'm estimation that marijuana will take another 10 years until it has the majority support of congress. I hope it comes sooner though, this country needs it NOW.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lamar Smith

If you're a marijuana legalization advocate or an Internet rights advocate that name should sound familiar to you by now. In case you don't know, Lamar Smith R-TX is the one who vowed to shoot down any bill that would legalize or even weaken the penalties of marijuana. He claims that "Marijuana use and distribution is prohibited under federal law because it has a high potential for abuse and does not have an accepted medical use in the U.S." Now, this may or not be true but marijuana has been proven to help with many health problems such as cancer, AIDS, pain, etc.
After fighting marijuana Lamar Smith thought it was a good idea to fuck with us again by sponsoring "H.R. 1981: Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011". This bill force all ISPs to store your activity from the last 12 months, your name, address, credit card numbers, and all of your IP addresses. Now, don't be fooled by the name of the bill, this has virtually nothing to do with preventing children from watching porn. If it was that big of a deal for the parents then they can put up a blocker. Even if they didn't, who cares? It's just porn. Instead of preventing kids from having access to porn this is aimed at taking down piracy and giving the government another way to monitor our Internet. Before you know it the US government will push a bill to allow "The Great Firewall of China" onto Americans and forcing them to listen to the government for everything. People don't like being watched and people like myself really enjoy our right to go online and view all news that's out there without restrictions.
If Lamar Smith is not taken out of office soon he will find more ways to ruin America instead of improving it. He doesn't achieve very much and when he does achieve even the littlest thing he brags about it on his Facebook page. If you're unable to contact him and call him a dick then throw a comment up in one of his Facebook posts!

Thanks for the Lamar Smith quote Weed Quotes!

Friday, August 5, 2011


There are those who are willing to learn and there are those who are willing to not learn. This applies to everything. There are tons of people who are willing to not learn about marijuana. Now, who are those people? Simple, the ones that are against marijuana. Now, some people are against it because of taxes and they think big corporations will ruin it. That's where regulations are put in place. Back when alcohol prohibition was active in the United States the price of alcohol skyrocketed and the quality, along with the safety of the alcohol, suffered. Now if marijuana was legalized this philosophy will most likely follow. Marijuana's prices will and according to one study, by around 90% before taxes. And it's pretty obvious that the taxes won't be above 90%. If it is then pot smokers just continue paying the prices they already willingly pay. It'll be easier for those-of-age pot smokers to get it and there will be no worries when it comes to being busted for possessing marijuana. Now, if marijuana is legalized, does that mean it'll be easier for minors to get it? No, actually it'll be harder. You see with alcohol prohibition a minor could ask a few people and get their insanely expensive low quality dangerous booze. After alcohol prohibition minors were having a tough time getting alcohol, that still goes on today in the United States. With the drinking age at 21 and rarely made in a home underage persons have a hard time getting alcohol.
Another question comes up: If marijuana is legalized wouldn't that make it easier for the drug cartels to freely bring marijuana into the country? That depends on the law. If drug cartels could bring marijuana into America nobody would buy it, it's that simple. Mexican brick weed is some of the worst weed you can get. It takes time for that stuff to travel and sense it has a low grade not many people like to smoke it. It's sometimes covered in fertilizer which makes it unsafe. And if it sucks there's no way in tracing exactly where it came from so no money back guarantee. Mexican marijuana is unappealing and it funds drug cartels. If it's legalized people will buy from honest businesses from the country the buyer bought it from unless it's imported like some alcoholic beverages, but that would just raise the price. Sense not a whole lot of countries allow marijuana most of it would come from America. An estimated 45% of it already comes from America and less than 40% from Mexico (according to The "Union: The Business Behind Getting High").
If you're pro or against marijuana, be sure to do your research. I have answered a few common questions that people refuse to learn and accept the truth as it is. It doesn't matter what you say, saying only stupid people use marijuana, it doesn't help with peoples' health, and that if it's legalized it'll only hurt this nation is simply untrue no matter what you say. Facts are facts, deal with it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Fight For Legalization

Over the past decades the fight for the legalization of marijuana has exploded among millions of Americans, both marijuana smokers and non-marijuana smokers. The reason behind legalization isn't only for those who smoke the plant and want to get high but because of its thousands of other uses. From clinical to industrial use, marijuana/hemp is extremely useful.

Now, this fight will never end until marijuana/hemp has been removed from the controlled substances list so contact your state representatives and tell them to consider the legalization of marijuana and if you're in Texas, contact Lamar Smith and tell him to give HR 2306 a hearing! To take action right now go here. The fight is doing nothing but heat up, it's the people and truth vs the government and propaganda. The majority of America wants marijuana to be legalized and the government continues to want prohibition which further shows how the government clearly doesn't care about the people that make America the nation it is but they only care about their own interests. It's not just the United States but other nations as well. A study was conducted in Australia showing how alcohol causes white matter on the brain (indicating brain damage) and those who smoked marijuana and drank alcohol has LESS white matter on their brain. The study also shows how marijuana smokers that have only smoked marijuana have no negative effects on the brain. Read the article by NORML here.

So remember to contact your representative and tell them you approve of marijuana legalization and tell them the benefits of it being legalized and how prohibition has never worked and how prohibition has caused nothing but harm to the United States!

NORML has started a petition, so far it has over 20,000 signatures. The petition is to give HR 2306 a hearing. Sign here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Money, money, money!

Almost everyone likes money, especially the rich. Everybody needs money, especially the poor who rely on any source they can get to, and of course, the government. For the past 5 years the American government has been having some major issues with funding due to the lack of jobs, many of the rich people not paying their taxes, and of course, increased spending of our military. It's not only our military spending that's going through the roof, it's our police spending as well. Much of it which is focused on the "War on Drugs". A 40 year old war started by former President Richard Nixon. Hmm, now only if there was a way to stop the useless spending, provide much needed jobs, and provide much needed money. Hmm, only if there was one change needed. News flash: there is a way! How about we just legalize one of the most useful strains of plants on Earth? Hemp/marijuana! Yes! Police spending for enforcing drug laws could drop dramatically while the feds could rake in cash from taxing marijuana, businesses that make products from hemp such as paper and clothing and the other thousands of products that can be made from hemp, and taxing people's wages that work at the places that produce hemp products and grow marijuana. We saw this with alcohol, except alcohol doesn't have as many uses, and unlike marijuana, alcohol is responsible for around 1 in 25 deaths around the world and the number is on the rise according to Time Magazine. In the 10,000 + years of marijuana use, not a single death has been recorded due to overdose. Many people, even the guys down at Forbes have evidence that if the hemp/marijuana strain of plants is legalized it can fix the American budget and get this country back on track. Does America really want to be known as the country that collapsed because they wanted to fight a flower while being the only industrialized nation that completely outlaws industrial hemp? For those of you that don't know, the bud (flower) on the marijuana plant is that part that's smoked, not the leaves and stems. Also, you cannot get high from industrial hemp as industrial hemp is pretty much extremely low grade marijuana with very little THC. (Source)

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being Fucked With For Smoking A Nearly Harmless Plant

Nearly harmless plant you say? Yes! So far the only way smoking marijuana has been harmful is in the sense that it's smoke, that's it. Long term use (over a 10 year period) has been shown to greatly improve the user's lives and reduce tumor's by HALF (source). May I remind you, nobody has ever died from overdose due to marijuana. It hasn't been scientifically proven to hurt the immune system, cause brain damage, cause reproductive problems, or be a gateway drug. It also takes about 40,000 times the amount of marijuana it takes to intoxicate a person to kill them, thus it is virtually impossible to overdose. While with alcohol, it takes just 5-10 times the amount it takes a person to become intoxicated to have alcohol poisoning. Lets say it took 3 hits off a joint to make me high, it would take 140,000 more hits to kill me in that time period of being high. It's a high number huh? Lets say it takes 3 beers to make me intoxicated, it would take just 15-30 beers to kill me (source). So how come parents let some of their kids have beer and drink beer but go completely against marijuana? Propaganda. You see, a lot of people (mostly the uneducated people about this subject, that number is high) believe marijuana is bad because of government and big business lies. You see, back in 1937 Harry J. Anslinger ran a smear campaign against marijuana in favor of big businesses. Now, why would big businesses want marijuana illegal? Well, hemp (marijuana derives from the hemp family) was and still is, the strongest form of soft fiber on Earth. The hemp plant could produce effective medicines (still used as medicine today) and couldn't be trade marketed by pharmaceutical companies, cheaper, stronger, and longer lasting clothing could be made from it thus hurting the cotton industry, and cheaper, more renewable paper (that the decoration of indepedance was printed on) could be made from the hemp plant. There are over 50,000 uses of hemp and over 100 different strains thus making it one of, if not, the most useful plant on Earth (source). The uses just keep growing. Even Ford Motors made a car's body out of compressed hemp! Henry Ford also discovered that hemp oil is the best fuel for ethanol (oil companies, another reason they wouldn't want it legalized) (source)
So, I ask you again, why must you fuck with us for smoking such a wonderful plant? I think you just need to chill out, smoke a joint with some good friends, and share an oven full of random junk food.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Marijuana And People

Marijuana is a plant, it grows in dirt, it's natural, 80 year olds with boners is not natural. As this YouTube video tells me, all being correct by the way. Marijuana is used by people, mostly to get them high. It is also used as treatments for things such as cancer, as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that causes the "high" feeling, has been proven to reduce cancer cells and tumor growth in living creatures. Barack Obama said that when he smoked marijuana, he inhaled because "that was the point". Sounds a little suspicious to me because the point in smoking marijuana is getting high or helping people with mental/physical issues including all types of health problems that marijuana has been proven to be a safe treatment for, the list is long. Even Abraham Lincoln smoked pot, one of his favorite past times was smoking his pipe with hemp in his front yard. Hell, Bush snorted cocaine and he became president, and cocaine is much more dangerous and addictive than marijuana! Marijuana hasn't been proven to be addictive beyond being mentally addictive when you "think" you need it, like getting hooked on chips. You really want those chips but your body isn't going to go insane for not having marijuana. If you smoke a joint every day for a year you will not be seriously craving marijuana to the point of hurting somebody to get it you would just feel a little different. Now, when people are on marijuana they're peaceful, it hasn't been proven to make people violent, unlike alcohol. Tobacco makes people mad when they don't get their "fix" every 45 minutes or so, depending on the person.

Disappointment comes from family members when they find out they smoke marijuana, well, only to the family members that are seriously unaware of how safe it is. Parents to this day still think their son/daughter shouldn't smoke marijuana because they believe propaganda. They will often say some bull shit about how "one of their friends died while doing drugs" but won't say what kind of drug they were doing. For all we know they could have smoked crack or meth and overdosed because of those drugs, something impossible for marijuana users to experiment from doing marijuana. They even say threats to their friends and tell them to prove they didn't do it and they're not high, when in fact the legal system says you need to prove someone of doing something in order for them to be guilty. And then threaten to beat them with a baseball bat after they wake up from being pass out from "hyperventilating" as the "test". I know because I was buzzed at the time off marijuana and remembered that. Yeah, so much for all pot smokers being stupid. Everybody needs to learn about a subject, any subject, before speaking out against it. A simple 2 hour Google search and a movie can go a long way, as long as you're not viewing only government propaganda such as the "above the influence" commercials. Can you be a stoner and graduate high school, have a wife, and become president? Yes! President Obama and George Bush are both proof that that propaganda is bull shit! If you know your chile smoke weed and they're at least a teenager, don't bitch them out about it, have a little talk about it and tell them your point of view and tell them some words of advice such as "don't smoke alone unless you have to for reasons such as a headache, always smoke with your friends" or "don't smoke around Mom/Dad, he/she's a real dumb ass and doesn't know much about it".

Am I ashamed of being a pot smoker? No. If I was I wouldn't do it sense I'm not addicted and I wouldn't have said it on camera for my mom and my friend's moms to see. All of them seem to know and none of them seem to care as they used to do it themselves, they don't anymore because they choose to not do so. And if they did, would I be disappointed in them? No, not at all! If I was ashamed of smoking marijuana I wouldn't have started this blog in the first place for the world to see! Educate the world about marijuana so not so many have to be "closet smokers" and this world can be a better place!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello, Stoners!

With any luck our little bill will pass. But does it have a chance? According to multiple news organizations and their retarded puns it'll be "shot down" very quickly. But why is that so? It's so because the government is a bunch of strict fucks that suck the rich man's dick instead of listening to us, the people that make this nation exist! Without us there would be no government, nobody for those bastards to control! We have asked for this right for decades now and they always tell us "no" and state some bull shit reasons! They don't listen to protests, they don't listen to the words that come out of our mouths or read through our keystrokes they just ignore it and keep sucking that tiny dick. We've tried our peaceful ways of showing this, it's just starting to work. 2 people in congress, Barney Frank and Ron Paul, presented HR 2306 to the world and the majority overwhelmingly support it. The government has to listen to the MAJORITY of the people, not the minority, the rich. The ignorant. The greedy. The bastards that control most of America's money and refuse to change their ways. The feds are so stupid they don't even realize how much money their greedy hands and get a hold of if this plant was to become legalized! Law enforcement can kiss my ass because they just want the plant to be illegal so they get more money from the government. They haven't given a shit about everyone else and that's been a well known fact sense America had its first cops! They care about them, not us, the way it should be!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Why marijuana should be legalized

There's much debate on why marijuana should be legalized, especially sense last week marked the 40th anniversary of Nixon's "War on Drugs". Yesterday the bill, "Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011" also known as HR 2306, was presented. The bill was presented by Rep, Ron Paul and Rep. Barney Frank. Though it hasn't been given a hearing because Lamar Smith of Texas is a dick. If you want to know more about this particular matter do a Google search and/or stay tuned to this blog.

Now, how many reasons are there for keeping marijuana illegal? Very few. The reasons that are mostly used for keeping marijuana illegal are just based off of religious and moral reasons and some good old propaganda. How has this affected America? Greatly. You see, a lot of people still think the Amrican government tells nothing but the truth, that's bull shit. The American government is constantly hiding information from the public. They use that to their advantage to manipulate the public into thinking certain laws need to be here, when in fact they don't which is how marijuana was originally turned against the public. This is why we have Wikileaks people!

How many reasons are there for making marijuana once again legal? Many. Marijuana has a death toll of zero sense record keeping began. Marijuana is much stronger now which means it takes less to get high and when you smoke less you get less of the harmful chemicals in your body and more THC, which is what creates the high effect. Many politicians used that reason for keeping marijuana illegal without knowing that it's actually an advantage to making it once again, legal. Now, marijuana isn't just a plant used for getting people safely high. The hemp plant has many uses such as making clothing, rope, feeding live stock, making dry wall and other parts for building homes, fuel, curing cancer, making quickly renewable paper, and Ford even made the body of a car from compressed hemp! The possibilities are endless and more uses for this plant that takes just months to grow compared to 100+ years per tree! There are way more organizations out there for supporting marijuana for these reasons! There's NORML, SAFER, and MPP just to name a few.

Support for marijuana legalization has gone nowhere but up as people are slowly but surely learning the truth about marijuana. These government lies have to stop if the people in the government want to keep their jobs by supporting their own and not taking bribes from big businesses for once. If they (doubtfully ever) pull their heads out of teach other's asses and see the truth about marijuana and understand it for once then the majority of America wouldn't have to rely on the very few politicizations and senators that actually work for the people, not the other way around. If marijuana were to be removed from the controlled substances list then the states could set their laws. The general public has no control (they used to) over the national laws but they have a much larger say in their state's laws. If marijuana were to be controlled by the states then the people could vote in what laws they want implemented and not just 535 in congress.

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