Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello, Stoners!

With any luck our little bill will pass. But does it have a chance? According to multiple news organizations and their retarded puns it'll be "shot down" very quickly. But why is that so? It's so because the government is a bunch of strict fucks that suck the rich man's dick instead of listening to us, the people that make this nation exist! Without us there would be no government, nobody for those bastards to control! We have asked for this right for decades now and they always tell us "no" and state some bull shit reasons! They don't listen to protests, they don't listen to the words that come out of our mouths or read through our keystrokes they just ignore it and keep sucking that tiny dick. We've tried our peaceful ways of showing this, it's just starting to work. 2 people in congress, Barney Frank and Ron Paul, presented HR 2306 to the world and the majority overwhelmingly support it. The government has to listen to the MAJORITY of the people, not the minority, the rich. The ignorant. The greedy. The bastards that control most of America's money and refuse to change their ways. The feds are so stupid they don't even realize how much money their greedy hands and get a hold of if this plant was to become legalized! Law enforcement can kiss my ass because they just want the plant to be illegal so they get more money from the government. They haven't given a shit about everyone else and that's been a well known fact sense America had its first cops! They care about them, not us, the way it should be!

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