Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being Fucked With For Smoking A Nearly Harmless Plant

Nearly harmless plant you say? Yes! So far the only way smoking marijuana has been harmful is in the sense that it's smoke, that's it. Long term use (over a 10 year period) has been shown to greatly improve the user's lives and reduce tumor's by HALF (source). May I remind you, nobody has ever died from overdose due to marijuana. It hasn't been scientifically proven to hurt the immune system, cause brain damage, cause reproductive problems, or be a gateway drug. It also takes about 40,000 times the amount of marijuana it takes to intoxicate a person to kill them, thus it is virtually impossible to overdose. While with alcohol, it takes just 5-10 times the amount it takes a person to become intoxicated to have alcohol poisoning. Lets say it took 3 hits off a joint to make me high, it would take 140,000 more hits to kill me in that time period of being high. It's a high number huh? Lets say it takes 3 beers to make me intoxicated, it would take just 15-30 beers to kill me (source). So how come parents let some of their kids have beer and drink beer but go completely against marijuana? Propaganda. You see, a lot of people (mostly the uneducated people about this subject, that number is high) believe marijuana is bad because of government and big business lies. You see, back in 1937 Harry J. Anslinger ran a smear campaign against marijuana in favor of big businesses. Now, why would big businesses want marijuana illegal? Well, hemp (marijuana derives from the hemp family) was and still is, the strongest form of soft fiber on Earth. The hemp plant could produce effective medicines (still used as medicine today) and couldn't be trade marketed by pharmaceutical companies, cheaper, stronger, and longer lasting clothing could be made from it thus hurting the cotton industry, and cheaper, more renewable paper (that the decoration of indepedance was printed on) could be made from the hemp plant. There are over 50,000 uses of hemp and over 100 different strains thus making it one of, if not, the most useful plant on Earth (source). The uses just keep growing. Even Ford Motors made a car's body out of compressed hemp! Henry Ford also discovered that hemp oil is the best fuel for ethanol (oil companies, another reason they wouldn't want it legalized) (source)
So, I ask you again, why must you fuck with us for smoking such a wonderful plant? I think you just need to chill out, smoke a joint with some good friends, and share an oven full of random junk food.

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