Friday, July 29, 2011

The Fight For Legalization

Over the past decades the fight for the legalization of marijuana has exploded among millions of Americans, both marijuana smokers and non-marijuana smokers. The reason behind legalization isn't only for those who smoke the plant and want to get high but because of its thousands of other uses. From clinical to industrial use, marijuana/hemp is extremely useful.

Now, this fight will never end until marijuana/hemp has been removed from the controlled substances list so contact your state representatives and tell them to consider the legalization of marijuana and if you're in Texas, contact Lamar Smith and tell him to give HR 2306 a hearing! To take action right now go here. The fight is doing nothing but heat up, it's the people and truth vs the government and propaganda. The majority of America wants marijuana to be legalized and the government continues to want prohibition which further shows how the government clearly doesn't care about the people that make America the nation it is but they only care about their own interests. It's not just the United States but other nations as well. A study was conducted in Australia showing how alcohol causes white matter on the brain (indicating brain damage) and those who smoked marijuana and drank alcohol has LESS white matter on their brain. The study also shows how marijuana smokers that have only smoked marijuana have no negative effects on the brain. Read the article by NORML here.

So remember to contact your representative and tell them you approve of marijuana legalization and tell them the benefits of it being legalized and how prohibition has never worked and how prohibition has caused nothing but harm to the United States!

NORML has started a petition, so far it has over 20,000 signatures. The petition is to give HR 2306 a hearing. Sign here.

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