Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Money, money, money!

Almost everyone likes money, especially the rich. Everybody needs money, especially the poor who rely on any source they can get to, and of course, the government. For the past 5 years the American government has been having some major issues with funding due to the lack of jobs, many of the rich people not paying their taxes, and of course, increased spending of our military. It's not only our military spending that's going through the roof, it's our police spending as well. Much of it which is focused on the "War on Drugs". A 40 year old war started by former President Richard Nixon. Hmm, now only if there was a way to stop the useless spending, provide much needed jobs, and provide much needed money. Hmm, only if there was one change needed. News flash: there is a way! How about we just legalize one of the most useful strains of plants on Earth? Hemp/marijuana! Yes! Police spending for enforcing drug laws could drop dramatically while the feds could rake in cash from taxing marijuana, businesses that make products from hemp such as paper and clothing and the other thousands of products that can be made from hemp, and taxing people's wages that work at the places that produce hemp products and grow marijuana. We saw this with alcohol, except alcohol doesn't have as many uses, and unlike marijuana, alcohol is responsible for around 1 in 25 deaths around the world and the number is on the rise according to Time Magazine. In the 10,000 + years of marijuana use, not a single death has been recorded due to overdose. Many people, even the guys down at Forbes have evidence that if the hemp/marijuana strain of plants is legalized it can fix the American budget and get this country back on track. Does America really want to be known as the country that collapsed because they wanted to fight a flower while being the only industrialized nation that completely outlaws industrial hemp? For those of you that don't know, the bud (flower) on the marijuana plant is that part that's smoked, not the leaves and stems. Also, you cannot get high from industrial hemp as industrial hemp is pretty much extremely low grade marijuana with very little THC. (Source)

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