Thursday, August 11, 2011

America Is Agreeing, Marijuana Is Good

Polls asking Americans if marijuana should be legalized has been going up a ton the past 10 years and every year almost every poll that is conducted shows more support for legalizing the plant. According to a new poll from Angus Reid Public Opinion 55% of Americans support the legalization, up from 52% in 2009 while 40% oppose. Support for legalization of marijuana among democrats is 61% while only 41% of republicans support legalization. In 2010 there was an ABC News/Washington Post poll showing 8 in 10 Americans support medical marijuana, up from 69% a decade before the poll, while only 43% supported legalization for personal use. It appears that more people are learning the truth about marijuana while the amount of medical studies soar, especially the studies about how THC has been proven to prevent growth and decrease the size/amount of cancer cells, just to name a few. Support for the War on Drugs has very little support showing only 9% of Americans saying the War on Drugs is a success while 67% of Americans say it's a complete failure.

The support for legalization of other drugs such as Heroin, methamphetamine, and ecstasy is only at 10%.

So there you have it. The more time goes on the more propaganda rubs off the people and the more education and truth is drilled in. I'm estimation that marijuana will take another 10 years until it has the majority support of congress. I hope it comes sooner though, this country needs it NOW.

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