Friday, August 5, 2011


There are those who are willing to learn and there are those who are willing to not learn. This applies to everything. There are tons of people who are willing to not learn about marijuana. Now, who are those people? Simple, the ones that are against marijuana. Now, some people are against it because of taxes and they think big corporations will ruin it. That's where regulations are put in place. Back when alcohol prohibition was active in the United States the price of alcohol skyrocketed and the quality, along with the safety of the alcohol, suffered. Now if marijuana was legalized this philosophy will most likely follow. Marijuana's prices will and according to one study, by around 90% before taxes. And it's pretty obvious that the taxes won't be above 90%. If it is then pot smokers just continue paying the prices they already willingly pay. It'll be easier for those-of-age pot smokers to get it and there will be no worries when it comes to being busted for possessing marijuana. Now, if marijuana is legalized, does that mean it'll be easier for minors to get it? No, actually it'll be harder. You see with alcohol prohibition a minor could ask a few people and get their insanely expensive low quality dangerous booze. After alcohol prohibition minors were having a tough time getting alcohol, that still goes on today in the United States. With the drinking age at 21 and rarely made in a home underage persons have a hard time getting alcohol.
Another question comes up: If marijuana is legalized wouldn't that make it easier for the drug cartels to freely bring marijuana into the country? That depends on the law. If drug cartels could bring marijuana into America nobody would buy it, it's that simple. Mexican brick weed is some of the worst weed you can get. It takes time for that stuff to travel and sense it has a low grade not many people like to smoke it. It's sometimes covered in fertilizer which makes it unsafe. And if it sucks there's no way in tracing exactly where it came from so no money back guarantee. Mexican marijuana is unappealing and it funds drug cartels. If it's legalized people will buy from honest businesses from the country the buyer bought it from unless it's imported like some alcoholic beverages, but that would just raise the price. Sense not a whole lot of countries allow marijuana most of it would come from America. An estimated 45% of it already comes from America and less than 40% from Mexico (according to The "Union: The Business Behind Getting High").
If you're pro or against marijuana, be sure to do your research. I have answered a few common questions that people refuse to learn and accept the truth as it is. It doesn't matter what you say, saying only stupid people use marijuana, it doesn't help with peoples' health, and that if it's legalized it'll only hurt this nation is simply untrue no matter what you say. Facts are facts, deal with it.

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