Friday, August 19, 2011

We Must Never Give Up!

When something hits the national news, tons of people are informed of the subject(s). HR 2306 is one of those subjects as it well, hit national news. A lot of the marijuana legalization supporters jumped up and said "fuck yeah!" then when the news changed they sat back down and that news just became a memory. A memory that is only alive in their heads but not in reality. The information is in their heads, it's in our heads. We know of what happened and we know what can happen if we set our minds to the legalization of marijuana and take actions to help legalize the plant. The amount actions we can take for supporting the legalization of marijuana is high. Except, the number of people willing to take these actions is low. Most marijuana supporters don't take any action beyond saying they support legalization which is what makes us look so weak to the public. Sure we have advocacy groups such as NORML and the SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) and other groups as well but their power is limited. Without groups such as these we wouldn't be where we are at with marijuana, not as many states would have decriminalized marijuana and medical marijuana. Propaganda from the United States government would have a higher chance of being believed by even you So I, along with thousands of other people in support, urge you to get the word out on how marijuana legalization would greatly improve this nation. Contact your senators, start/sign petitions, donate to groups supporting legalization, start a blog, become a fan of something pro-marijuana on Facebook, do whatever you can in your power and show the government how YOU along with millions of other Americans support legalization! Much of it can be done right in front of your computer, even on you cell phone!
To take your first step into action tell congress what you want here!

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