Thursday, September 22, 2011

Petition is up, show your support!

NORML has started a petition for the regulation of marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. Today the White House also started the petition service, We The People. The minimum requirement for a petition to be presented to the White House staff is 5,000 signatures in 30 days, NORML's petition has already passed that requirement by hundreds. At this rate the petition will have an estimated (keep in mine it's my guess not a professionals) 180,000 signatures (6,000 a day) as long as nobody reports this post as inappropriate which the government will gladly use as an excuse to take it down. But keep in mind, the more signatures the better. The petition is already attracting small time news websites and if this keeps up it may even hit national news which is what we really need to make our legalization movements and efforts move forward! Most of the time in recent news, when marijuana was mentioned it was pro-legalization and we kept getting massive figures of support for the full legalization of marijuana. So show your support, sign the petition, and keep support for this good cause!
Edit: The petition currently has 34,536 signatures, keep it up everyone!

Petition is here.

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