Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting A Hold of Your Local Representative

Over the past few months I have been trying to get a hold of R-MI Justin Amash (the representative for my area) and it's been quite difficult. I've sent him about a dozen emails and have heard nothing from him. I posted on his Facebook page and FINALLY got a response, from people telling me to post on his Facebook wall... After posting on his wall AGAIN I got a response from Jordan Bush, the District Director for Justin Amash and he told me to call him and for everyone else to call him and everyone else having trouble getting a hold of Justin Amash. Now, in one of Jordan Bush's speeches he talks about how it's important for everyone to know their government at a local level, Jordan Bush is making this rather difficult. I posted my question which was asking Justin Amash what his stance on H.R. 2306 is and why he supports his stance. The question was posted publicly due to the fact that I believe everyone should read it on Justin Amash's page, it helps us learn about our government at a local level after all.
Now, I'm sure many others have tried to get a hold of their local representatives and the people trying to get a hold of their local representatives, like myself, are being constantly ignored. If you managed to get a hole of your local representative then you're in a small area or you're lucky and the person answering your question just happens to be at least a decent person in the government. The fact that us citizens are being ignored further proves that the people in government only care for themselves and not the people who put them into office in the first place.
This is the Marijuana Tribune and that is my rant for today.
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