Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tolerance, Learn Its Ways

People often find ways to ruin the lives of good people simply because they don't agree with their ways of life. This includes religions people choose to follow, the area in which people live in, who the people choose to marry, and of course, what people choose to consume. The list goes on. The peoples' lack of tolerance causes only problems and forever will cause only problems. This is no different for people who choose to smoke marijuana. Though marijuana has a ton of support among the people for the full legalization, other (mostly brainwashed) people tend to come up with feeble excuses on why they think nobody should consume marijuana. They refuse to accept the fact that people will toke up no matter what is done politically and no matter what people tell them. The truth is, marijuana smokers tend to be more educated about well, marijuana. They know the true facts more than most people tend to. People are learning more true facts about marijuana and as the true information is being accepted gradually. Recent polls suggest that the majority of the population of the United States support the legalization of marijuana, the same wouldn't have been said just one decade ago.

Now, let us see some real world examples of how the lack of tolerance has harmed the lives of good people:

  • Gay Rights
Face it, there are gay people. They exist. They want the same rights as everybody else. Even to this day tons of people show a lack of tolerance towards gays and a lot of states have passed laws to prevent gay marriage. Up until recently people couldn't be openly gay in the military just because of the people they choose to date and marry. The most common reason why people are against it is because they believe that it's wrong due to their religion being against gay marriage. Now, I'm not gay myself but does that mean I think gays shouldn't be allowed to marry? No, simply because it has no harmful effect on me or anyone else for that matter.

  • Foreigners' Rights
Many people in the United States tend to believe that people from other countries don't “deserve” to live in the United States simply because they were not born here. Now, in case you don't know this, the United States was formed because of foreigners so others have just as much of a right to be here as everyone else. A lot of people tend to cross the Mexican-American boarder. The reason; to live a better life. People travel from broken down countries with the knowledge of little to no English because of how harsh their lives were in other countries. They can't apply for good jobs until they get a permit so if someone isn't a legal resident, don't bash on them. If you feel the need to bash them then go live where they did for a while. You'll see why they're here.

  • Medical Marijuana Patients
Medical marijuana patients have been taking a lot of heat lately, much of it from the citizens and some of it from the government. The government says much of the same thing the people say, most of the information being false. The government states that states with medical marijuana laws in tact have more marijuana smokers, studies show it's false. The people say the people who are high on marijuana and drive are at the same risk, or a higher risk of a car accident, than people who are intoxicated from alcohol. Every stoner knows that's a lie as alcohol impairs your ability to drive much worse than alcohol. Read my other posts if you want to learn more.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to learn how to accept the facts that just because you don't like it, that doesn't mean people shouldn’t do it or be apart of it. As long as nobody is being harmed from someone's actions, people should be allowed to do whatever they want. Does littering harm others? Yes, it disrupts the scenery and helps make communities look bad so don't litter and say it's not harming anyone (just an example), so don't abuse these words. If you don't like marijuana then simply stay away from it. If you're young, you live with your parents and you don't want them smoking around you, then ask them to take it outside. I myself haven't been able to get my parents to take their smoke outside when I was younger but eventually they did. All it took was some research on how second-hand tobacco smoke kills and a good lecture. If they're smoking marijuana then the second-hand smoke thing won't work out so well as marijuana has no direct deaths associated with it (unlike alcohol and tobacco). Sure they'll be cold in the winter but at least the environment was safer. It'll also not smell as bad (depending if you like the smell of smoke or not, I love pot smoke smell but hate tobacco smoke smell). So remember, don't be a Nazi and let people do what they want as long as it doesn't harm you. I don't mean the person doing it I mean you.

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