Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teen Drug and Alcohol Use


Drug and alcohol use among teens is a problem in our country, and to fight this problem we need honest education, from both parents and teens, about not just what drugs do, but what certain drugs do. Saying “don't do drugs” or “drugs are bad” is one of the worst things you can say to somebody, because it leaves out tons of information. When people become parents they should be sure that their child is truly educated about the world around them. Schools don't tell the full story when it comes to drugs, alcohol, even proper diet and exercise. When schools teach information they go by a set of guidelines set by their superiors by the government

After everybody is fully educated the next step is to get an understanding on both sides. Now, prohibition in America works like prohibition from drugs and alcohol from parents, it doesn't work. Regulation does work, the United States saw that during “The Great Experiment” and Portugal saw its effects as well.1 Saying “yes, you can do this, don't do it around me and remember what can happen if you do this, I just don't wanna see you doing this” will make drug use not seem so exciting because risk is exciting and for thrill seekers, it's entertaining. When you lose risk, you lose some fun and people often do drugs because they're fun, not because they're depressed (though that does happen) but because there's entertainment with drugs, the same applies to alcohol. Strongly discouraging drug and alcohol use and regulating them (say, zero tolerance policy in the house) is the best thing our government can do for most drugs, this may also work in families as well.

Be sure that their entire family knows what is going on, not just mom and dad. If the kid gets arrested for having drugs or alcohol on them, depending on the situation, can make the teen feel really bad about what they did, especially if brought to shame by their family because of their own actions, especially if their household is very informed about the truth of drugs and alcohol, not those stupid propaganda filled commercials and billboards the government pays for (such as the ones about marijuana). The government lies, we all know that, the government has bad teaching tactics for its public and often, in its schools. To ensure teens know the best and honest information about drugs and alcohol, they should research the facts on all sides with their family so they can get truthful information about what happens when drugs and alcohol are taken, especially during teenage years. When it comes to families and drug use I know and have known people who started doing harder drugs, most of them being from strict and misinformed families. My friends that have family that are not extremely strict about drugs tend to now do drugs, at the most they would smoke marijuana but refuse to touch anything else as they know what truly happens when people do drugs.

In conclusion, the current method of controlling drug us among people, especially teens, is a failed method. In order for people to not want to do drugs they need to be educated about what happens and not be threatened by anybody if they do drugs, the only threat teens should face are the effects drugs and alcohol will do to themselves. If you're a parent and you're concerned about you kid smoking marijuana then support legalization. Legalizing marijuana has countless benefits and would make access to marijuana harder for teens. Most teens struggle to find alcohol but can walk down the street and buy some weed by someone.

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