Monday, June 4, 2012

Rules For Smoking Bud

There are no official rules to smoking weed, many smoking traditions are just made up as time goes on. Below are some rules my stoner group and I follow:

1. Whoever owns the weed chooses who gets first hit.

2. Whoever packs the weed or owns the paper/wrap/bowl gets 2nd hit, only the owner of the weed or the bowl packs.

3. Once the smoking starts, nobody else joins unless everyone has come down to a minimal buzz (you know that moment when you all start to get high together and it just feels awesome).

4. When we go out to smoke, someone brings something to drink. Doesn't matter what it is, cottonmouth is a bitch and needs to be stopped quickly.

5. New members of the group must smoke with the group four times before being considered apart of the group.

6. When the bowl is feeling cached, that person must speak up.

7. Whoever spills the bong water must clean it up in a timely manner.

8. Can't light the bowl because of the wind outside? Help each other our, block that shit!

9. The host decides where to smoke.

10. Don't EVER pressure someone into smoking weed. Let them decide for themselves, don't force anything upon them, that just gives us a bad name. At the most you may ask them if they want to join in the smoke session.

11. Pass to the left.

12. Don't hog the food if there's enough to go around.

This, I want to hear from YOU. What are YOUR rules for group smoking? If you saw this on Support Marijuana Legalization's Google Plus page then you have a Google account most likely which means you can comment (I locked comments to people who don't have a Google account, got a lot of spam).

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