Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Google: Pro Booze, Pro Tobacco, Pro Killer Drugs, Anti Cannabis

So, I'm a student struggling to get by with classes. With the economy and job market still in shambles my countless hung ts for work failed. Long story short, I need some form of cash, even if it's the tinesys things. So I saw my blog and thought it would be a decent resource, maybe toss up some ads on it and get a little funding here and there. So I signed up for Google AdSense and they diapproved my blog for "Drugs or drug paraphernalia" even though my blogs are about a plant and it focuses more on why there are benefits to cannabis, not why it gets you high. In the email they sent me they said this: "Google policy does not permit the placement of Google ads on sites promoting illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or drug paraphernalia." Don't allow the promoting of prescription drugs? Bull shit, there are plenty of Blogger site out there that focus on health, many of which have AdSense and many of which promote the use of phamaceuticals. I bet if there was a health blog that even says "THC has the ablility to severely shrink cancer cells in the human body" then imidiately that blog would lose its AdSense. There's even a blog out there called WeedQuotes that I follow and guess what, they focus more on the drug part of cannabis than my blog does and they were approved for AdSense! If those ass holes down at Google would actually READ my content they would see that it's not about promoting "drugs" but it's by promoting the legalization of a safe medicine (so safe it's safer than water), the legalization of a pro-environment industrial plant, the pomotion of a safer world (not drugs, a safer world Google), and the promotion of a supporting set of laws that over half the country, and growing, agrees with! Google needs to change the way they "regulate" these blogs. This blog isn't about "drugs", it's not about heroin, crack/cocaine, meth", it's about a fucking plant! Come on, gardening blogs exist and they're even allowed to have AdSense, why can't I? I actually need the money, lots of people do! Google needs to give us pro cannabis advocates the right to free speech with the right to make money. I believe these "rules" are against the American way of thinking and these Blogger/BlogSpot policies need to be changed.

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