Saturday, October 13, 2012

Save The Environment, Legalize Cannabis

Cannabis has tons of benefits medicinally and socially, socially especially over alcohol use as cannabis doesn't cause one's moods to swing drastically that causes violence. Most of us know these things. But did you know cannabis is also good for the environment? If you've been following my blog posts on Google Plus you most likely do, or if you just know about cannabis in general you do. Here are some ways the cannabis plant would help save our environment.


Bio Fuel Bio diesel can be made from hemp and so far can be burned at lower temperatures than any other bio diesel form known. Hemp biofiel also has "a high efficiency of conversion (97 percent)" (- Gizmag). Sure the hemp bio fuel is still burned but unlike petroleum hemp is a renewable resource .The hemp plant has also been known to be able to grow in rough soils so rich soils are not required thus reducing the costs of making hemp in the first place. With the whole "food vs fuel" debates going on with corn crops hemp without a doubt would be a better choice as you could get more for less when comparing hemp biodiesel to corn biodiesel.


Hair Products Yes, hair products. Why would hair products made of hemp opposed to other chemicals be good for the environment? Simple: it's organic. Though not the entire hair product is made of hemp a good deal of it is. With this not only are less of those chemicals going on your body but less of those are going down the drain. You go to the store to buy hair gel, conditioner, or some other things to make you look awesome or pretty and you see tons of things, inside those things are tons of chemicals, some in which are replaceable with hemp.HempHollow


Plastic You're gonna have to hold that biodegradable in something so how about biodegradable plastic? For decades now we've been able to produce biodegradable plastics made from hemp. Hell, even Ford made a car from plastic made from hemp in the 1940s (research starting in the 1910s)! And guess what it ran on: hemp biodiesel. Now, keep in mind, not the entire car was made from hemp of course, just many of its components which made the car almost entirely recyclable (the metal parts and what not are recyclable). Hemp plastic has also been said to be "10 times as strong as steel). Source


Ending Prohibition This one may seem extremely obvious but here's something you may have not thought of. Each year millions of dollars worth of crops are found and destroyed by governments from around the world. Many times I've watched or read a news article saying how "all of the marijuana plants are destroying the environment" when in reality, the destroying of the plants are what's hurting the environment. Those plants were sucking in CO2, they were helping the soil, and the government took them out. In many cases there are huge fields of cannabis and one of the most common ways of getting rid of the plants are to take teams with flame throwers and burn the plants into ashes and that smoke's gotta go somewhere.
In conclusion, banning cannabis hurts us in many ways. It prevents safer fuels, stops us from creating jobs for hemp based products (both growing the hemp and manufacturing the product) and it's always being destroyed by governments around the world. There are tons of ways cannabis can save our environment but sadly, world governments refuse to recognize its benefits and just legalize this amazing species of plants.

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