Sunday, January 19, 2014

President Obama's Failed Logic About Cannabis Prohibition

This is the CNN post I'm responding to: [link]

Recently, President Obama stated that he thinks marijuana prohibition should continue, but he also wants to take pot away from kids, says cannabis is safer than alcohol, and to stop arresting people for extended periods of time for possessing marijuana. This is the confusing part, in what way does prohibition help us out with any of these issues? Let's take a look at them.

Recently, Mr. Obama stated marijuana is safer, a well known fact that most Americans now recognize. Why does the president support the prohibition of a substance that's safer than alcohol? If it's safer, wouldn't you think one of the most powerful people on Earth would care for the well being of the people that they overshadow in hopes of having a healthier society? In states where cannabis use is higher, alcohol use is lower. Going with that statistic, people who smoke pot tend to not drink as much as people who don't smoke pot. This is a good thing, right? People want to use a safer substance than alcohol and still become intoxicated, let them use it.

Let's look at the children, children are an important factor to take into consideration when there's a debate about drugs, it affects them. So, Mr. Obama wants to take pot away from kids, that's understandable. A developing body shouldn't have any drugs in their system, drugs are much worse on a developing body. But, here's the thing, when you regulate a substance, where do you get the substance? You get it from a shop. Who's selling it to you? The person behind the register. What do they ask for when you purchase alcohol, tobacco, black powder, and a number of other regulated things? An ID. You see, dealers obviously don't ask for identification, they don't care how old you are or who you are, they just want your business. In the black market, anyone can purchase anything, and when a black market exists, there's no legal competition and prices are very high making some very bad people (such as drug cartels), very rich. Do you want to take drugs from kids? If you're like most people, yes, you do. Legalizing marijuana would prevent many people under the legal age from obtaining it. Before I turned 21, finding a single beer was a bitch. Nobody wanted to buy my friends and I alcohol. Why? These people had to go into a store (which is nerve wracking for some) and have a higher risk of getting caught. I could get weed just fine. Why? BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL! Knocking on someone's door is much more discrete. Some people may say "what if the kids just start taking their parents' weed?" Well, kids will steal anything, they're still better off stealing something that's safer than alcohol and tobacco, especially if cannabis is regulated. Would you rather have your kids take some of your regulated weed that has to meet health codes or get some schwag from Mexico that has god knows what in it?

Our president also wants to stop people from being arrested for extended periods of time because they were doing a substance that's safer than alcohol, this part is really really confusing to me. When you legalize something, you stop arresting people for doing that previously illegal act or from possessing something that was previously illegal. In my state, we recently legalized "fun" fireworks. Since then, my state has made millions due to the double taxation and just as many people as the previous years were harmed because of them. Less people were also arrested for possessing these fireworks. Hell, many towns in the state even placed bans on when the fireworks can be used, the laws have worked wonderfully and it's rare to hear a single firework outside of a national holiday in most cities. What about marijuana? Will the same thing happen if we legalize it? History has proven that it will.

Every time our president opens his mouth, I feel like we're being lied to and we're having our intelligence insulted. This is a perfect example of a politician stating a bunch of crap in hopes that people will just go with it. Mr. Obama, 58% of Americans don't agree with you, it's time to give up on prohibition and let us smoke pot. People will do it whether you like it or not, you might as well restrict it from younger people and put health codes in so our pot doesn't have dangerous chemicals in it while funding many schools that have had to close down in the recent years. Education and regulation works, prohibition does not.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Parents Say 21, I Say 18 (cannabis)

Recently, conducted a survey where many parents gave their suggestions as to what the age of cannabis use should be. Parents believe the ages should be 21 years of age. Many of the parents also believe cannabis advertising should be banned (90%) and the majority of parents also believe that cannabis use causes brain damage on still developing brains.

I have a few issues with these results. Not because of what people are saying (they're just voicing their opinions) but because some of these results just don't make any sense. Tobacco can be advertised right outside a store or even magazine and many alcoholic beverages are advertised almost everywhere. You can see an alcoholic advertisement on TV, hear them on the radio, see them on the Internet, and so on and so forth. Cannabis, a much safer substance, has many parents believing that no marijuana should be allowed to be advertised, anywhere. If companies can promote their dangerous products then companies should be allowed to advertise theirs. Though, I believe cannabis should strictly be owned by local businesses and not huge corporations (see why I believe so right here) I still think local businesses should be allowed to advertise their products since this future product causes much less harm. We have local brewers that advertise around town, local growers should be allowed to promote themselves as well.

Now, the majority of parents also think you should be 21 to purchase cannabis, I think it should be 18 and here's why. Binge drinking has become more common recently among teens and cannabis use among adolescence has also risen. It has nothing to do with medical marijuana laws, why it's been hitting the news recently is beyond me right now. Let me make this clear, anybody who has a connection to a dealer willing to sell to them will more than likely buy the dealer's product. The drug of choice among teens is cannabis. Why's that? Well, in order to buy cannabis you just need to find a dealer. You don't need to be 21 or have any proof of age, you just need cash and a way to meet up with the dealer. If the cannabis use age is 21 and cannabis growing companies are not allowed to advertise their products then alcohol can certainly become more appealing to teenagers. Cannabis, being safer, is a much healthier substance for people to use in general, especially adolescents. If we make the cannabis use age 18 then adolescents will have an easier time obtaining it. You can buy tobacco at 18 and tobacco kills around 400,000 Americans every year, not a single person has ever overdose on marijuana and cannabis related deaths in general are very low (counting car crashes and what not. They happen, it's just rare).

Throughout my high school life I have attended four high schools. Often I would see students go to school stoned. Hell, I've been stoned in school myself. It almost always threw my concentration off but I didn't fall into any negative effects beyond not being able to pay much attention. When I was a little buzzed it was fine. It was rare for me to see students walk into school buzzed off some sort of alcohol and when they were buzzed, often they would fall over since, you know, high schoolers tend to be light weights. I've witnessed many dumb ass things when teenagers get drunk. Teens may be kinda dumb when they're stoned but they're much less willing to run around, fuck, or cause problems in general. When people get stoned they usually just wanna relax and people of younger age tend to get so stoned off a few hits that they don't wanna walk. The chances of a teenager getting behind the wheel when they're high, from my experience, is much less common and when they're high behind the wheel, they don't drive nearly as bad as when they're drunk. If you make the cannabis use age 18 you potentially lower the chances of teens binge drinking, and nobody wants an alcoholic teenager on their hands. You can't wipe out drug and alcohol us from teens but you can steer teens to a better path of safety.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why You Should Boycott Corporate Cannabis

Corporate cannabis currently doesn't exist, but James Shively, an ex-Microsoft manager, plans on making it a reality. Recently, Shively announced that he plans on creating a brand of marijuana by first buying out marijuana dispensaries. Next, he plans on importing "high quality" marijuana from Mexico. This businesses idea was just unveiled and already Shively wants to outsource his sources for cannabis. Shively and former Mexican president, Vicente Fox, plan on pursuing both nations, the United States and Mexico, to loosen and ultimately legalize marijuana. Normally this would be a good thing, our cause for fighting for the legalization of cannabis needs as much support as possible. The only reason why Shively wants cannabis to be legalized is so he can capitalize on it. He told Retures, "It’s a giant market in search of a brand. We would be happy if we get 40 percent of it worldwide." Forty percent, eh? That's a huge number.

We know what's happening, but why is having one major brand such a big deal? Well, for starters, let's use the tobacco industry as an example. The tobacco industry is known for using radioactive fertilizers to pump out as much product as possible. Tobacco companies are also known for adding extra, highly addictive, ingredients to their products (rat poison being one of the most notable). Another problem is genetically modifying the seeds. There are a handful of corporations out there that sell genetically modified seeds and the largest of them all is Monsanto. Monsanto's seeds have been known to cause a slew of problems and recently, millions of people around the world protested against Monsanto. Monsanto's corn has also been recently proven to cause rapid tumor growth in mice. Having a company alter cannabis seeds is a contradiction in itself. The science between cannabis and cancer go hand in hand as THC has been known to rapidly kill off cancer cells. Many people have even reported curing themselves completely of cancer by injecting highly concentrated THC into the tumors, though most doctors deny such a thing exists (it's their job, you can't blame them. The federal government won't let them recommend marijuana to patients for anything.).

There is only one thing we can do. It's been proven to be effective during the segregation struggle and the bus lines in the south: boycott. We cannot let this giant corporation become a reality. Cannabis has been thrown into an underground market and that underground market has a variety of standards. I'm afraid that our standards will diminish and people will buy low quality cannabis, from Mexico, through a giant corporation. This cannabis can end up being very harmful to its users. It will most likely not be organic in the slightest. Corporations don't focus on quality, they focus on quantity. They want to eliminate their competitors, instead of embracing them. When corporations lose competition, we lose quality and our standards diminish. History has proven this time and time again.

You can start by ending this corporation before it grows too far. Shively is looking for ten million dollars for start-up costs. If you just happen to be one of those possible investors, please reconsider investing in such a terrible idea. To everyone else, spread the word! Start informing people, start informing the world and help stop this conglomerate from growing!

Source: RT
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Revolution

2013 just happened and so have our resolutions. The Cannabis Revolution continues, and somehow these are all linked. Last year was an incredible leap for the Cannabis Revolution in the United States and there's no reason why 2013 can't be just as, or more effective in fighting for our cause, the legalization of marijuana! Two states legalized marijuana and many others have legalized it for medicinal purposes, though only one legalized it for medicinal purposes last election season. Last year was historical, this year can land its mark on history as well even though it's not a major year for law reform. This year, we're going to see the positive effects on Washington's and Colorado's passed inititives, well, at least we hope we do. When we see what happens to these two states people will most likely be more confident about supporting the legalization of marijuana in their states, let alone in their country. This may influence not just Americans, but people of other nations as well where marijuana prohibition has plagued millions.

Next year we're expecling a slew of states to bring marijuana legalizaion to their ballots. Oregon and California will no doubt try once again to legalize cannabis. With Oregon being very close to passing a bill, a bill which was poorly written, we should see an esclation of support amongst Oregon residents if a well written bill is created. California is inching their way towards legalization, many people even thought California would be the first state to legalize marijuana but sadly their bill was defeated in 2010. With large amounts of propaganda being filled on the radio, television, and Internet for California citizens, many people were afraid of legalization. Bullshit websites such as one that showed a turned over school bus that stated that school bus drivers could smoke marijuana when on the job struck fear into many people, even though it was clear that if one were to drive under the influence that anybody driving high would get a DUI, and we all know how harsh the punishments for DUIs are.

Amist the issues of lies and excuses lies hope. With a small amount of effort to head to the voting booth and doing something as simple as sharing information over socail networking sites, we can see more change happening. Information is all over the Internet, just ignore the government's lies about cannabis and keep informed on your local politics. Petitions will most likely go around a dozzen states this year calling for the legaliation of marijuana. 2013 is a key year, the first full year where two states will have legal marijuana, but we can't soley rely on the hopeful example they may set. Though Washington and Colorado are the keys, we are the hands, and without people to unlock the door to ending prohibition, the door will remain shut.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cannabis Revolution Is In Full Force!

If you're a news junkie stoner like myself you've heard this a billion times, Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana on November 6th and the legislation won. The laws also kicked in in both states just a few days ago. Oregon also voted on the issue but sadly the bill was defeated, which makes sense because the bill was poorly written and even myself found a ton of holes. Now, Mitt Romney is a hardcore asshole about cannabis and karma just kicked him in the nuts when the state he previously was governor of legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, good job Massachusetts!

What else happened? My home city (Grand Rapids) and three more cities (Detroit and Flint) in Michigan decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. In my city if you're 19 or older and were caught with an ounce or less of marijuana here are the punishments: 1st offense, $50 fine, second offense, $100 fine, third offense and more $150 each. With this, Grand Rapids officers can focus on real crimes such as the prostitution problem and the high violence rate. At least 3 times a week on the local news there's a murder and nearly every day a robbery. Even though there are tons of benefits, someone tried to sue my city for passing a law that VOTERS voted in favor for, as if our votes were useless which delayed the law's effect that was supposed to kick in in the 6th, screw you sir.

Like alcohol prohibition, marijuana prohibition is ending with the states taking these issues into their own hands. When marijuana is legalized fully through this cannabis revolution we'll see a rebirth in the United States. The nation and states will have billions of more dollars to spend in this much needed economy, the drug war will come to a screeching halt which would lead to less police resources wasted, less money wasted, and much less violence among gangs fighting for territory that are funded by drug sales, mostly marijuana sales.

Not only will the United States benefit from legalization but so will Mexico. Mexico brings in about 45% of the marijuana consumed. Yes, Mexican marijuana sucks but the prices are unbeatable which makes people want to purchase it and when they do, the money leads back to Mexico where drug cartels battle each other and even Mexico's law enforcement over territory. If their funding is cut off then the drug cartels will have no reason to keep fighting over drug trade and they will no longer have money for weapons and other things alike.

Now, stated in this article I said Mexican cannabis is very cheap and easy to obtain so a question comes up, what about the children obtaining marijuana? Here's one for ya, because of prohibition, those who are under age are able to get as much marijuana as they want, especially at that price. Dealers don't ask for ID so obtaining marijuana is super easy. How would ending prohibition make it harder for under age people to obtain marijuana? Let's refer back to alcohol, alcohol is regulated and very hard for those under the legal age to obtain alcohol, especially in the United States where the age is 21. When you have a regulated market dealers don't deal alcohol as their primary age group isn't people under 21 in the first place, but dealers still sell. Hell, I even went to high school with weed dealers! If you want children to stop smoking pot, then legalize it!

With these benefits and with public knowledge about marijuana coming out more truthfully our nation and with 50% of all Americans supporting the ending of prohibition it won't be long until better days come. It'll be harder for children to obtain it, become cheaper to the point where drug cartels stop selling even after taxes and will generate billions of dollars while preventing ruined lives not ruined by pot itself, but the laws that plague it.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marijuana Was Legalized In Two States, What Do The Feds Think? What Can They Do?

On November 6th Colorado and Washington state voters voted in favor of state wide legalization, Massachusetts voted in medical marijuana, and numerous cities have decriminalized posession of marijuana (see here for a full article). Colorado and Washington made history that day by being the first states to tell the nation that they want marijuana prohibition to end. Now, though this is an amazing thing the feds don't agree. In their eyes the legalization, or even loosening of penalties on cannabis, is a threat. If you know much about the corruption our government is in with the big businesses, pharmaceutical companies, etc. then you should understand why they're so angered. Not all politicians are against cannabis but a majority still are. With all this going on, the federal government is going to need to take action if they want to preserve prohibition, but what are their options? Well, they're slim and extreme but here are a few scenarios that could happen, but most likely won't.



Now, this is very very extreme but it's still a scenario. If the government wanted to get extreme, they could send in the national guard or have federal agents patrol the area. The federal government could also use the DEA to raid dispensaries like they're currently doing with medical marijuana states. With the advancements in technology and massive amount of drones at the government's disposals finding cannabis crops could take very little effort. It also takes very little effort to abuse your physical powers to piss off the people of Washington and Colorado, or any state for that matter. People in California and Colorado are already irritated by the DEA's powers being used on their medical marijuana dispensaries.


Heightened Propaganda

Someone from the Google Plus page suggested something along the lines of this. Now, current propaganda is already crumbling and releasing a dumping ground of lies would certainly not work, but what would this major set of lies look like, and how would the information meet the people and local government? Simple: advertising. The US government has billions of dollars and advertising, though already common, still somewhat works. There was an advertisement in California back in 2010 that was against the legalization of marijuana and the ad, that was aired on television, had a website shown on it. On that website there was a picture of a crashed school bus that said if marijuana was legalized bus drivers could drive high even though driving while under the influence of any drug, including cannabis, would remain illegal. It would be treated like drunk driving.


Extreme Taxation by Federal Government

Some say that marijuana can't be taxed by the government. I don't know why they think that but it sure as hell can be taxed. Alcohol and tobacco are taxed. Now, this scenario, once again, will most likely not happen. The government could threaten to tax the living hell out of it to the point where it's cheaper to buy cannabis from drug dealers. Would the federal government do this? No. They're getting desperate to keep prohibition in tact but pathetic acts suck as these would not last long.

There you go, three really extreme scenarios the federal government could do. I highly doubt any of these ever happening but it's always good to wonder about what the feds could actually do to us to prevent our freedom.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marijuana Policy Hits Major Jump

Last night voters across the United States re-elected Obama but voters from certain parts of the country decided on new marijuana laws for their state and their cities. Two states legalized marijuana, one state passed medical marijuana legislation, and three cities in another decriminalized possession of marijuana.

Three states, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, all voted on the legal status of cannabis for their states. Colorado and Washington voters voted in favor of legalization of marijuana, though Oregon's proposition 80 failed. Many said the proposal was poorly put together and very little information of regulation was added to prop 80. In Colorado, people aged 21 and up may be able to legally purchase up to an ounce of marijuana which will be taxed and expected to generate tens of millions of dollars a year. In Washington, the tax system is a bit different. According to For 43 there will be a triple tax: " when the grower sells it to the processor, when the processor sells it to the retailer, and when the retailer sells it to the customer." This level of taxation may steer people away from buying regulated cannabis but even with the hefty taxes, cannabis should still cost less to purchase opposed to buying from drug dealers.

Colorado and Washington are not the only two celebrating a victory, Massachusetts, the state Mitt Romney's current state of living, had a medical marijuana proposition passed b voters. The irony comes from the fact that Mitt Romney vowed to fight medical marijuana aggressively if elected president of the United States. Arkansas also voted on a medical marijuana proposal. If passed, Arkansas would be the first southern state to allow medical marijuana, though the proposition failed.

Another victory, though much smaller, passed for three cities in Michigan. Michigan's largest cities, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint (in order from largest to smallest respectively) all passed decriminalization of marijuana measures, one of which is modeled after the Ann Arbor, MI decriminalization measure. In Detroit, persons aged 21 and up can posses up to an ounce of marijuana on personal property. In Grand Rapids people 19 and over can have an unspecified amount of marijuana on them (in many was, a great thing) with the first infraction being a $25 fine, second infraction $50, and third being $100. The fine doesn't exceed a $100 fine. In Flint, people 19 and up can posses up to an ounce of marijuana on private property, similar to Detroit's new decriminalization laws.

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