Friday, July 29, 2011

The Fight For Legalization

Over the past decades the fight for the legalization of marijuana has exploded among millions of Americans, both marijuana smokers and non-marijuana smokers. The reason behind legalization isn't only for those who smoke the plant and want to get high but because of its thousands of other uses. From clinical to industrial use, marijuana/hemp is extremely useful.

Now, this fight will never end until marijuana/hemp has been removed from the controlled substances list so contact your state representatives and tell them to consider the legalization of marijuana and if you're in Texas, contact Lamar Smith and tell him to give HR 2306 a hearing! To take action right now go here. The fight is doing nothing but heat up, it's the people and truth vs the government and propaganda. The majority of America wants marijuana to be legalized and the government continues to want prohibition which further shows how the government clearly doesn't care about the people that make America the nation it is but they only care about their own interests. It's not just the United States but other nations as well. A study was conducted in Australia showing how alcohol causes white matter on the brain (indicating brain damage) and those who smoked marijuana and drank alcohol has LESS white matter on their brain. The study also shows how marijuana smokers that have only smoked marijuana have no negative effects on the brain. Read the article by NORML here.

So remember to contact your representative and tell them you approve of marijuana legalization and tell them the benefits of it being legalized and how prohibition has never worked and how prohibition has caused nothing but harm to the United States!

NORML has started a petition, so far it has over 20,000 signatures. The petition is to give HR 2306 a hearing. Sign here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Money, money, money!

Almost everyone likes money, especially the rich. Everybody needs money, especially the poor who rely on any source they can get to, and of course, the government. For the past 5 years the American government has been having some major issues with funding due to the lack of jobs, many of the rich people not paying their taxes, and of course, increased spending of our military. It's not only our military spending that's going through the roof, it's our police spending as well. Much of it which is focused on the "War on Drugs". A 40 year old war started by former President Richard Nixon. Hmm, now only if there was a way to stop the useless spending, provide much needed jobs, and provide much needed money. Hmm, only if there was one change needed. News flash: there is a way! How about we just legalize one of the most useful strains of plants on Earth? Hemp/marijuana! Yes! Police spending for enforcing drug laws could drop dramatically while the feds could rake in cash from taxing marijuana, businesses that make products from hemp such as paper and clothing and the other thousands of products that can be made from hemp, and taxing people's wages that work at the places that produce hemp products and grow marijuana. We saw this with alcohol, except alcohol doesn't have as many uses, and unlike marijuana, alcohol is responsible for around 1 in 25 deaths around the world and the number is on the rise according to Time Magazine. In the 10,000 + years of marijuana use, not a single death has been recorded due to overdose. Many people, even the guys down at Forbes have evidence that if the hemp/marijuana strain of plants is legalized it can fix the American budget and get this country back on track. Does America really want to be known as the country that collapsed because they wanted to fight a flower while being the only industrialized nation that completely outlaws industrial hemp? For those of you that don't know, the bud (flower) on the marijuana plant is that part that's smoked, not the leaves and stems. Also, you cannot get high from industrial hemp as industrial hemp is pretty much extremely low grade marijuana with very little THC. (Source)

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being Fucked With For Smoking A Nearly Harmless Plant

Nearly harmless plant you say? Yes! So far the only way smoking marijuana has been harmful is in the sense that it's smoke, that's it. Long term use (over a 10 year period) has been shown to greatly improve the user's lives and reduce tumor's by HALF (source). May I remind you, nobody has ever died from overdose due to marijuana. It hasn't been scientifically proven to hurt the immune system, cause brain damage, cause reproductive problems, or be a gateway drug. It also takes about 40,000 times the amount of marijuana it takes to intoxicate a person to kill them, thus it is virtually impossible to overdose. While with alcohol, it takes just 5-10 times the amount it takes a person to become intoxicated to have alcohol poisoning. Lets say it took 3 hits off a joint to make me high, it would take 140,000 more hits to kill me in that time period of being high. It's a high number huh? Lets say it takes 3 beers to make me intoxicated, it would take just 15-30 beers to kill me (source). So how come parents let some of their kids have beer and drink beer but go completely against marijuana? Propaganda. You see, a lot of people (mostly the uneducated people about this subject, that number is high) believe marijuana is bad because of government and big business lies. You see, back in 1937 Harry J. Anslinger ran a smear campaign against marijuana in favor of big businesses. Now, why would big businesses want marijuana illegal? Well, hemp (marijuana derives from the hemp family) was and still is, the strongest form of soft fiber on Earth. The hemp plant could produce effective medicines (still used as medicine today) and couldn't be trade marketed by pharmaceutical companies, cheaper, stronger, and longer lasting clothing could be made from it thus hurting the cotton industry, and cheaper, more renewable paper (that the decoration of indepedance was printed on) could be made from the hemp plant. There are over 50,000 uses of hemp and over 100 different strains thus making it one of, if not, the most useful plant on Earth (source). The uses just keep growing. Even Ford Motors made a car's body out of compressed hemp! Henry Ford also discovered that hemp oil is the best fuel for ethanol (oil companies, another reason they wouldn't want it legalized) (source)
So, I ask you again, why must you fuck with us for smoking such a wonderful plant? I think you just need to chill out, smoke a joint with some good friends, and share an oven full of random junk food.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Marijuana And People

Marijuana is a plant, it grows in dirt, it's natural, 80 year olds with boners is not natural. As this YouTube video tells me, all being correct by the way. Marijuana is used by people, mostly to get them high. It is also used as treatments for things such as cancer, as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that causes the "high" feeling, has been proven to reduce cancer cells and tumor growth in living creatures. Barack Obama said that when he smoked marijuana, he inhaled because "that was the point". Sounds a little suspicious to me because the point in smoking marijuana is getting high or helping people with mental/physical issues including all types of health problems that marijuana has been proven to be a safe treatment for, the list is long. Even Abraham Lincoln smoked pot, one of his favorite past times was smoking his pipe with hemp in his front yard. Hell, Bush snorted cocaine and he became president, and cocaine is much more dangerous and addictive than marijuana! Marijuana hasn't been proven to be addictive beyond being mentally addictive when you "think" you need it, like getting hooked on chips. You really want those chips but your body isn't going to go insane for not having marijuana. If you smoke a joint every day for a year you will not be seriously craving marijuana to the point of hurting somebody to get it you would just feel a little different. Now, when people are on marijuana they're peaceful, it hasn't been proven to make people violent, unlike alcohol. Tobacco makes people mad when they don't get their "fix" every 45 minutes or so, depending on the person.

Disappointment comes from family members when they find out they smoke marijuana, well, only to the family members that are seriously unaware of how safe it is. Parents to this day still think their son/daughter shouldn't smoke marijuana because they believe propaganda. They will often say some bull shit about how "one of their friends died while doing drugs" but won't say what kind of drug they were doing. For all we know they could have smoked crack or meth and overdosed because of those drugs, something impossible for marijuana users to experiment from doing marijuana. They even say threats to their friends and tell them to prove they didn't do it and they're not high, when in fact the legal system says you need to prove someone of doing something in order for them to be guilty. And then threaten to beat them with a baseball bat after they wake up from being pass out from "hyperventilating" as the "test". I know because I was buzzed at the time off marijuana and remembered that. Yeah, so much for all pot smokers being stupid. Everybody needs to learn about a subject, any subject, before speaking out against it. A simple 2 hour Google search and a movie can go a long way, as long as you're not viewing only government propaganda such as the "above the influence" commercials. Can you be a stoner and graduate high school, have a wife, and become president? Yes! President Obama and George Bush are both proof that that propaganda is bull shit! If you know your chile smoke weed and they're at least a teenager, don't bitch them out about it, have a little talk about it and tell them your point of view and tell them some words of advice such as "don't smoke alone unless you have to for reasons such as a headache, always smoke with your friends" or "don't smoke around Mom/Dad, he/she's a real dumb ass and doesn't know much about it".

Am I ashamed of being a pot smoker? No. If I was I wouldn't do it sense I'm not addicted and I wouldn't have said it on camera for my mom and my friend's moms to see. All of them seem to know and none of them seem to care as they used to do it themselves, they don't anymore because they choose to not do so. And if they did, would I be disappointed in them? No, not at all! If I was ashamed of smoking marijuana I wouldn't have started this blog in the first place for the world to see! Educate the world about marijuana so not so many have to be "closet smokers" and this world can be a better place!