Friday, August 19, 2011

We Must Never Give Up!

When something hits the national news, tons of people are informed of the subject(s). HR 2306 is one of those subjects as it well, hit national news. A lot of the marijuana legalization supporters jumped up and said "fuck yeah!" then when the news changed they sat back down and that news just became a memory. A memory that is only alive in their heads but not in reality. The information is in their heads, it's in our heads. We know of what happened and we know what can happen if we set our minds to the legalization of marijuana and take actions to help legalize the plant. The amount actions we can take for supporting the legalization of marijuana is high. Except, the number of people willing to take these actions is low. Most marijuana supporters don't take any action beyond saying they support legalization which is what makes us look so weak to the public. Sure we have advocacy groups such as NORML and the SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) and other groups as well but their power is limited. Without groups such as these we wouldn't be where we are at with marijuana, not as many states would have decriminalized marijuana and medical marijuana. Propaganda from the United States government would have a higher chance of being believed by even you So I, along with thousands of other people in support, urge you to get the word out on how marijuana legalization would greatly improve this nation. Contact your senators, start/sign petitions, donate to groups supporting legalization, start a blog, become a fan of something pro-marijuana on Facebook, do whatever you can in your power and show the government how YOU along with millions of other Americans support legalization! Much of it can be done right in front of your computer, even on you cell phone!
To take your first step into action tell congress what you want here!

Monday, August 15, 2011

10 years after legalization, drug use down

10 years ago, Portugal decriminalized all drugs. In the 1990s, Portugal had a major drug problem among hard drug users with an estimated 100,000 users in a country with a population of only around 10 million. The cost of fighting these drugs, locking people in prison for these drugs, and caring for the people who have been hospitalized due to the use of using the drugs was out of control. Even with Western nations criticizing the decision in 2001 Portugal decriminalized all drugs. 10 years later drug use went down by about half. Instead of having 100,000 prisoners the country is now concerned about 40,000 patients of drug abuse. HIV/AIDS and hepatitis infections has plummeted.

Now, keep in mind. Marijuana isn't a hard drug but a soft drug. This event in Portugal further proves that if marijuana is legalized, marijuana use won't go up. Instead it'll most likely decline. When alcohol prohibition ended alcohol use went down and kids had a hard time getting to it. If marijuana was decriminalized the same would happen as businesses could grow it, have it taxed, and sell it for a lower price. Now if marijuana is legalized dealers will have a very hard time keeping their prices low compared to the local business that sells the plant to the shops which then would require an ID for purchasing while also being safer because when you buy from an unknown dealer you have no clue what could have been added to your product.

Greece has noticed this and has proposed drug decriminalization bills. The proposals state that all people, including prisoners, will have a right to drug treatment. If cannabis is grown in ones home and they're questioned for it, the grower must prove how it's strictly for personal use. This does not make drugs completely legal but it makes drugs legal for personal use. Drug trafficking will still remain a felony.

So what is the United States waiting for? As times are tough and spending money isn't an option, why are we still fighting a lost battle? Other nations are noticing the benefits of legalization. The United States has seen the benefit of legalization with alcohol but continues to ignore them!

Sources: Cannabis Culture, Politonmist

Thursday, August 11, 2011

America Is Agreeing, Marijuana Is Good

Polls asking Americans if marijuana should be legalized has been going up a ton the past 10 years and every year almost every poll that is conducted shows more support for legalizing the plant. According to a new poll from Angus Reid Public Opinion 55% of Americans support the legalization, up from 52% in 2009 while 40% oppose. Support for legalization of marijuana among democrats is 61% while only 41% of republicans support legalization. In 2010 there was an ABC News/Washington Post poll showing 8 in 10 Americans support medical marijuana, up from 69% a decade before the poll, while only 43% supported legalization for personal use. It appears that more people are learning the truth about marijuana while the amount of medical studies soar, especially the studies about how THC has been proven to prevent growth and decrease the size/amount of cancer cells, just to name a few. Support for the War on Drugs has very little support showing only 9% of Americans saying the War on Drugs is a success while 67% of Americans say it's a complete failure.

The support for legalization of other drugs such as Heroin, methamphetamine, and ecstasy is only at 10%.

So there you have it. The more time goes on the more propaganda rubs off the people and the more education and truth is drilled in. I'm estimation that marijuana will take another 10 years until it has the majority support of congress. I hope it comes sooner though, this country needs it NOW.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lamar Smith

If you're a marijuana legalization advocate or an Internet rights advocate that name should sound familiar to you by now. In case you don't know, Lamar Smith R-TX is the one who vowed to shoot down any bill that would legalize or even weaken the penalties of marijuana. He claims that "Marijuana use and distribution is prohibited under federal law because it has a high potential for abuse and does not have an accepted medical use in the U.S." Now, this may or not be true but marijuana has been proven to help with many health problems such as cancer, AIDS, pain, etc.
After fighting marijuana Lamar Smith thought it was a good idea to fuck with us again by sponsoring "H.R. 1981: Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011". This bill force all ISPs to store your activity from the last 12 months, your name, address, credit card numbers, and all of your IP addresses. Now, don't be fooled by the name of the bill, this has virtually nothing to do with preventing children from watching porn. If it was that big of a deal for the parents then they can put up a blocker. Even if they didn't, who cares? It's just porn. Instead of preventing kids from having access to porn this is aimed at taking down piracy and giving the government another way to monitor our Internet. Before you know it the US government will push a bill to allow "The Great Firewall of China" onto Americans and forcing them to listen to the government for everything. People don't like being watched and people like myself really enjoy our right to go online and view all news that's out there without restrictions.
If Lamar Smith is not taken out of office soon he will find more ways to ruin America instead of improving it. He doesn't achieve very much and when he does achieve even the littlest thing he brags about it on his Facebook page. If you're unable to contact him and call him a dick then throw a comment up in one of his Facebook posts!

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Friday, August 5, 2011


There are those who are willing to learn and there are those who are willing to not learn. This applies to everything. There are tons of people who are willing to not learn about marijuana. Now, who are those people? Simple, the ones that are against marijuana. Now, some people are against it because of taxes and they think big corporations will ruin it. That's where regulations are put in place. Back when alcohol prohibition was active in the United States the price of alcohol skyrocketed and the quality, along with the safety of the alcohol, suffered. Now if marijuana was legalized this philosophy will most likely follow. Marijuana's prices will and according to one study, by around 90% before taxes. And it's pretty obvious that the taxes won't be above 90%. If it is then pot smokers just continue paying the prices they already willingly pay. It'll be easier for those-of-age pot smokers to get it and there will be no worries when it comes to being busted for possessing marijuana. Now, if marijuana is legalized, does that mean it'll be easier for minors to get it? No, actually it'll be harder. You see with alcohol prohibition a minor could ask a few people and get their insanely expensive low quality dangerous booze. After alcohol prohibition minors were having a tough time getting alcohol, that still goes on today in the United States. With the drinking age at 21 and rarely made in a home underage persons have a hard time getting alcohol.
Another question comes up: If marijuana is legalized wouldn't that make it easier for the drug cartels to freely bring marijuana into the country? That depends on the law. If drug cartels could bring marijuana into America nobody would buy it, it's that simple. Mexican brick weed is some of the worst weed you can get. It takes time for that stuff to travel and sense it has a low grade not many people like to smoke it. It's sometimes covered in fertilizer which makes it unsafe. And if it sucks there's no way in tracing exactly where it came from so no money back guarantee. Mexican marijuana is unappealing and it funds drug cartels. If it's legalized people will buy from honest businesses from the country the buyer bought it from unless it's imported like some alcoholic beverages, but that would just raise the price. Sense not a whole lot of countries allow marijuana most of it would come from America. An estimated 45% of it already comes from America and less than 40% from Mexico (according to The "Union: The Business Behind Getting High").
If you're pro or against marijuana, be sure to do your research. I have answered a few common questions that people refuse to learn and accept the truth as it is. It doesn't matter what you say, saying only stupid people use marijuana, it doesn't help with peoples' health, and that if it's legalized it'll only hurt this nation is simply untrue no matter what you say. Facts are facts, deal with it.