Sunday, December 18, 2011

Federal Crackdown On Medical Marijuana

Over the past few months the federal government, as well as certain sectors of state governments, have been attacking marijuana with some of the oldest excuses and propaganda sense the start of prohibition. These senators and representatives have been cracking down on medical marijuana saying how it promotes violence and drug use among people when in fact, medical marijuana states have no increased amount of drug users and areas where medical marijuana dispensaries have a lower violence rate as well as a lower crime rate in general. For the past few months California's Melinda Haag has called for a state wide crack down on medical marijuana. She's calling for less dispensaries in California and forcing dispensaries to close of they're "too close" to a school, park, or church.
California isn't alone, recently the federal government announced they will send letters to dispensaries within 1000 ft of schools and will give them 45 days to move or terminate operations in those areas.
In a nut shell, the federal government is stepping up their raids which as you know, affects thousands of patients and prevents them from obtaining their medicine.


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