Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cannabis Revolution Is In Full Force!

If you're a news junkie stoner like myself you've heard this a billion times, Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana on November 6th and the legislation won. The laws also kicked in in both states just a few days ago. Oregon also voted on the issue but sadly the bill was defeated, which makes sense because the bill was poorly written and even myself found a ton of holes. Now, Mitt Romney is a hardcore asshole about cannabis and karma just kicked him in the nuts when the state he previously was governor of legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, good job Massachusetts!

What else happened? My home city (Grand Rapids) and three more cities (Detroit and Flint) in Michigan decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. In my city if you're 19 or older and were caught with an ounce or less of marijuana here are the punishments: 1st offense, $50 fine, second offense, $100 fine, third offense and more $150 each. With this, Grand Rapids officers can focus on real crimes such as the prostitution problem and the high violence rate. At least 3 times a week on the local news there's a murder and nearly every day a robbery. Even though there are tons of benefits, someone tried to sue my city for passing a law that VOTERS voted in favor for, as if our votes were useless which delayed the law's effect that was supposed to kick in in the 6th, screw you sir.

Like alcohol prohibition, marijuana prohibition is ending with the states taking these issues into their own hands. When marijuana is legalized fully through this cannabis revolution we'll see a rebirth in the United States. The nation and states will have billions of more dollars to spend in this much needed economy, the drug war will come to a screeching halt which would lead to less police resources wasted, less money wasted, and much less violence among gangs fighting for territory that are funded by drug sales, mostly marijuana sales.

Not only will the United States benefit from legalization but so will Mexico. Mexico brings in about 45% of the marijuana consumed. Yes, Mexican marijuana sucks but the prices are unbeatable which makes people want to purchase it and when they do, the money leads back to Mexico where drug cartels battle each other and even Mexico's law enforcement over territory. If their funding is cut off then the drug cartels will have no reason to keep fighting over drug trade and they will no longer have money for weapons and other things alike.

Now, stated in this article I said Mexican cannabis is very cheap and easy to obtain so a question comes up, what about the children obtaining marijuana? Here's one for ya, because of prohibition, those who are under age are able to get as much marijuana as they want, especially at that price. Dealers don't ask for ID so obtaining marijuana is super easy. How would ending prohibition make it harder for under age people to obtain marijuana? Let's refer back to alcohol, alcohol is regulated and very hard for those under the legal age to obtain alcohol, especially in the United States where the age is 21. When you have a regulated market dealers don't deal alcohol as their primary age group isn't people under 21 in the first place, but dealers still sell. Hell, I even went to high school with weed dealers! If you want children to stop smoking pot, then legalize it!

With these benefits and with public knowledge about marijuana coming out more truthfully our nation and with 50% of all Americans supporting the ending of prohibition it won't be long until better days come. It'll be harder for children to obtain it, become cheaper to the point where drug cartels stop selling even after taxes and will generate billions of dollars while preventing ruined lives not ruined by pot itself, but the laws that plague it.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marijuana Was Legalized In Two States, What Do The Feds Think? What Can They Do?

On November 6th Colorado and Washington state voters voted in favor of state wide legalization, Massachusetts voted in medical marijuana, and numerous cities have decriminalized posession of marijuana (see here for a full article). Colorado and Washington made history that day by being the first states to tell the nation that they want marijuana prohibition to end. Now, though this is an amazing thing the feds don't agree. In their eyes the legalization, or even loosening of penalties on cannabis, is a threat. If you know much about the corruption our government is in with the big businesses, pharmaceutical companies, etc. then you should understand why they're so angered. Not all politicians are against cannabis but a majority still are. With all this going on, the federal government is going to need to take action if they want to preserve prohibition, but what are their options? Well, they're slim and extreme but here are a few scenarios that could happen, but most likely won't.



Now, this is very very extreme but it's still a scenario. If the government wanted to get extreme, they could send in the national guard or have federal agents patrol the area. The federal government could also use the DEA to raid dispensaries like they're currently doing with medical marijuana states. With the advancements in technology and massive amount of drones at the government's disposals finding cannabis crops could take very little effort. It also takes very little effort to abuse your physical powers to piss off the people of Washington and Colorado, or any state for that matter. People in California and Colorado are already irritated by the DEA's powers being used on their medical marijuana dispensaries.


Heightened Propaganda

Someone from the Google Plus page suggested something along the lines of this. Now, current propaganda is already crumbling and releasing a dumping ground of lies would certainly not work, but what would this major set of lies look like, and how would the information meet the people and local government? Simple: advertising. The US government has billions of dollars and advertising, though already common, still somewhat works. There was an advertisement in California back in 2010 that was against the legalization of marijuana and the ad, that was aired on television, had a website shown on it. On that website there was a picture of a crashed school bus that said if marijuana was legalized bus drivers could drive high even though driving while under the influence of any drug, including cannabis, would remain illegal. It would be treated like drunk driving.


Extreme Taxation by Federal Government

Some say that marijuana can't be taxed by the government. I don't know why they think that but it sure as hell can be taxed. Alcohol and tobacco are taxed. Now, this scenario, once again, will most likely not happen. The government could threaten to tax the living hell out of it to the point where it's cheaper to buy cannabis from drug dealers. Would the federal government do this? No. They're getting desperate to keep prohibition in tact but pathetic acts suck as these would not last long.

There you go, three really extreme scenarios the federal government could do. I highly doubt any of these ever happening but it's always good to wonder about what the feds could actually do to us to prevent our freedom.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marijuana Policy Hits Major Jump

Last night voters across the United States re-elected Obama but voters from certain parts of the country decided on new marijuana laws for their state and their cities. Two states legalized marijuana, one state passed medical marijuana legislation, and three cities in another decriminalized possession of marijuana.

Three states, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, all voted on the legal status of cannabis for their states. Colorado and Washington voters voted in favor of legalization of marijuana, though Oregon's proposition 80 failed. Many said the proposal was poorly put together and very little information of regulation was added to prop 80. In Colorado, people aged 21 and up may be able to legally purchase up to an ounce of marijuana which will be taxed and expected to generate tens of millions of dollars a year. In Washington, the tax system is a bit different. According to For 43 there will be a triple tax: " when the grower sells it to the processor, when the processor sells it to the retailer, and when the retailer sells it to the customer." This level of taxation may steer people away from buying regulated cannabis but even with the hefty taxes, cannabis should still cost less to purchase opposed to buying from drug dealers.

Colorado and Washington are not the only two celebrating a victory, Massachusetts, the state Mitt Romney's current state of living, had a medical marijuana proposition passed b voters. The irony comes from the fact that Mitt Romney vowed to fight medical marijuana aggressively if elected president of the United States. Arkansas also voted on a medical marijuana proposal. If passed, Arkansas would be the first southern state to allow medical marijuana, though the proposition failed.

Another victory, though much smaller, passed for three cities in Michigan. Michigan's largest cities, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint (in order from largest to smallest respectively) all passed decriminalization of marijuana measures, one of which is modeled after the Ann Arbor, MI decriminalization measure. In Detroit, persons aged 21 and up can posses up to an ounce of marijuana on personal property. In Grand Rapids people 19 and over can have an unspecified amount of marijuana on them (in many was, a great thing) with the first infraction being a $25 fine, second infraction $50, and third being $100. The fine doesn't exceed a $100 fine. In Flint, people 19 and up can posses up to an ounce of marijuana on private property, similar to Detroit's new decriminalization laws.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Google: Pro Booze, Pro Tobacco, Pro Killer Drugs, Anti Cannabis

So, I'm a student struggling to get by with classes. With the economy and job market still in shambles my countless hung ts for work failed. Long story short, I need some form of cash, even if it's the tinesys things. So I saw my blog and thought it would be a decent resource, maybe toss up some ads on it and get a little funding here and there. So I signed up for Google AdSense and they diapproved my blog for "Drugs or drug paraphernalia" even though my blogs are about a plant and it focuses more on why there are benefits to cannabis, not why it gets you high. In the email they sent me they said this: "Google policy does not permit the placement of Google ads on sites promoting illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or drug paraphernalia." Don't allow the promoting of prescription drugs? Bull shit, there are plenty of Blogger site out there that focus on health, many of which have AdSense and many of which promote the use of phamaceuticals. I bet if there was a health blog that even says "THC has the ablility to severely shrink cancer cells in the human body" then imidiately that blog would lose its AdSense. There's even a blog out there called WeedQuotes that I follow and guess what, they focus more on the drug part of cannabis than my blog does and they were approved for AdSense! If those ass holes down at Google would actually READ my content they would see that it's not about promoting "drugs" but it's by promoting the legalization of a safe medicine (so safe it's safer than water), the legalization of a pro-environment industrial plant, the pomotion of a safer world (not drugs, a safer world Google), and the promotion of a supporting set of laws that over half the country, and growing, agrees with! Google needs to change the way they "regulate" these blogs. This blog isn't about "drugs", it's not about heroin, crack/cocaine, meth", it's about a fucking plant! Come on, gardening blogs exist and they're even allowed to have AdSense, why can't I? I actually need the money, lots of people do! Google needs to give us pro cannabis advocates the right to free speech with the right to make money. I believe these "rules" are against the American way of thinking and these Blogger/BlogSpot policies need to be changed.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blunts vs. Booze

THC and alcohol, both drugs. One's legal and the other's illegal. One is endorsed and the other is negatively enforced. Both of these substances cause narcotic effects to the human body and both of these are widely used by people for their enjoyment and both during their prohibition periods, had medical access in select states (yes, medical alcohol existed back during alcohol prohibition). But which is safer? Which causes the least damage to ones body and mind?

Let's start with alcohol: in the United States alcohol is legal to all persons 21 and up, except for dry states of course. Some states, such as Oregon, have laws where people under the federal age may legally drink alcohol under certain circumstances. For example: in Oregon all people under the age of 21 that are on private property with their parents and their parents are at least 21 in age, state laws permit those to drink alcohol. This can be a good and a bad thing. Some people (like myself) have good times with drinking a few brewskies every now and then with their family. Now, those are the laws regarding alcohol in the United States but what about the effects alcohol does to the body?

Alcohol, though fun for many people, poses many dangerous health risks. Alcohol can harden your liver, disorient your driving skills and cause accidents, (drunk driving kills about 10,000 people a year in the US alone: Source), and much more. Some studies even say beer increases risk of stomach cancers. The annual death toll for alcohol is about 75,000 a year in the US alone (source) Now, alcohol poses a lot of heath risks but prohibiting this substance would make things worse. In the days lf alcohol prohibition alcohol related deaths went up nearly 400%. Most of us can agree that alcohol has dangers and even though it does have dangers it should remain legal.

Now, let us turn to marijuana, starting with its laws. In the United States (well, most countries for that matter) cannabis is illegal. Many countries allow industrial hemp but industrial hemp is illegal in the United States. Some areas grow industrial hemp in the United States but these places are often raided by the American government, even though you can't get high from it (well, maybe if you smoked 4 blunts you would pass out but the smoke inhalation would be the reason). Ever sense 1996 medical marijuana existed in the United States, with California being the first state. Though there are states with medical marijuana available to qualifying patients the federal government is attacking these states by sending threats to the people and local governments and by having the DEA raid medical marijuana dispensaries.

As stated above, marijuana has many medical benefits, even more than alcohol. Cannabis has been proven to reduce cancer cells, help with nausea with a large variety of illnesses, help people keep an appetite (great for AIDS and cancer patients) and many more. Those are the benefits but what are the negatives? Cannabis has a few negatives. You smoke too much and your lungs have damage, you're high as balls and don't know what you're doing, even mental addictions have been proven to exist (an addiction similar to being addicted to the Internet or a brand of chips). Now, what is the yearly death toll for marijuana overdose? Zero. As in there are no deaths every year. In fact, nobody on any record has ever overdosed on marijuana. Though marijuana does pose some health risks, they are minimal at most.

Both sides have their benefits and many people choose to do one or the other, some even choose to do both as in moderation are really not that bad. When it comes to ones health marijuana is by far safer than alcohol. With the lack of death toll and massive amount of therapeutic benefits cannabis is praised as a safer alternative to alcohol. In most states where marijuana has a higher use rate than others, alcohol use among these states is decreased, this even applies to medical marijuana states that have shown no increase in marijuana use with the legal medical marijuana statuses. When it comes to safety, marijuana is the right choice but when it comes to personal preference, it's up to the user.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Save The Environment, Legalize Cannabis

Cannabis has tons of benefits medicinally and socially, socially especially over alcohol use as cannabis doesn't cause one's moods to swing drastically that causes violence. Most of us know these things. But did you know cannabis is also good for the environment? If you've been following my blog posts on Google Plus you most likely do, or if you just know about cannabis in general you do. Here are some ways the cannabis plant would help save our environment.


Bio Fuel Bio diesel can be made from hemp and so far can be burned at lower temperatures than any other bio diesel form known. Hemp biofiel also has "a high efficiency of conversion (97 percent)" (- Gizmag). Sure the hemp bio fuel is still burned but unlike petroleum hemp is a renewable resource .The hemp plant has also been known to be able to grow in rough soils so rich soils are not required thus reducing the costs of making hemp in the first place. With the whole "food vs fuel" debates going on with corn crops hemp without a doubt would be a better choice as you could get more for less when comparing hemp biodiesel to corn biodiesel.


Hair Products Yes, hair products. Why would hair products made of hemp opposed to other chemicals be good for the environment? Simple: it's organic. Though not the entire hair product is made of hemp a good deal of it is. With this not only are less of those chemicals going on your body but less of those are going down the drain. You go to the store to buy hair gel, conditioner, or some other things to make you look awesome or pretty and you see tons of things, inside those things are tons of chemicals, some in which are replaceable with hemp.HempHollow


Plastic You're gonna have to hold that biodegradable in something so how about biodegradable plastic? For decades now we've been able to produce biodegradable plastics made from hemp. Hell, even Ford made a car from plastic made from hemp in the 1940s (research starting in the 1910s)! And guess what it ran on: hemp biodiesel. Now, keep in mind, not the entire car was made from hemp of course, just many of its components which made the car almost entirely recyclable (the metal parts and what not are recyclable). Hemp plastic has also been said to be "10 times as strong as steel). Source


Ending Prohibition This one may seem extremely obvious but here's something you may have not thought of. Each year millions of dollars worth of crops are found and destroyed by governments from around the world. Many times I've watched or read a news article saying how "all of the marijuana plants are destroying the environment" when in reality, the destroying of the plants are what's hurting the environment. Those plants were sucking in CO2, they were helping the soil, and the government took them out. In many cases there are huge fields of cannabis and one of the most common ways of getting rid of the plants are to take teams with flame throwers and burn the plants into ashes and that smoke's gotta go somewhere.
In conclusion, banning cannabis hurts us in many ways. It prevents safer fuels, stops us from creating jobs for hemp based products (both growing the hemp and manufacturing the product) and it's always being destroyed by governments around the world. There are tons of ways cannabis can save our environment but sadly, world governments refuse to recognize its benefits and just legalize this amazing species of plants.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marijuana Decriminalization Makes it to Grand Rapids, MI Ballot

On August 14th, the ballot language for the decriminalization of marijuana in Grand Rapids, MI, led by the advocacy group DecriminalizeGR , was approved by the city commissioner and voters in the area will be able to vote the proposal this November. This means that those caught with a small amount of cannabis will only receive a small fine starting at just $25 for a first offense, $50 for a second offense, and $100 for thee or more offenses. Sense the fines are so small the fines wouldn't cover the cost of prosecution. Over time this measure is expected to decrease or ultimately eliminate the prosecution of marijuana offenses. According to Decriminalize GR this will save Kent county an estimated $2.5 million and according to spokesman Tyler Nickerson,"will refocus shrinking police resources to other pressing needs" and "It’s going to be saving taxpayer dollars and keeping our kids out of jail". This bill will also help prevent the law from haunting young people as being caught with marijuana in Grand Rapids presently has severe penalties that can make life very difficult for one. Grand Rapids isn't the only city tring to decriminalize marijuana but Detroit is as well. Coalition for Safer Detroit being the group leading the measures. In the past Ann Arbor decriminalized small possession of marijuana.
Sources: mLive, Just Say Now

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marijuana and Advertising

Lately Facebook has been censoring advertisements regarding and/or showing posts about marijuana, including ads for the pushing of legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana, though posts that are against the legalization of marijuana are still allowed to be posted. This gives an unfair advantage to those who seek to keep, or even worsen, the laws regarding marijuana prohibition. If these anti-marijuana advertisement measures continue then they may influence other sources to censor pro-marijuana ads such as television broadcasters, radio stations, and even other websites. Us being marijuana legalization advocates must do everything in our power to educate the public about the truths of marijuana. One of our resources, a resource that even the biggest liars in congress use to this day, is being attacked and not only is this resource in danger of being used by us, but it's in danger of being used against us. For a while a lot of websites have censored such things (even television networks) but a big player like Facebook, a player that is open to all advertising as long as the ads are appropriate is saying a message and that message is: we don't agree with your cause and we don't want you speaking your mind! There is a Facebook page that goes by the name "Mary Janes". Mary Janes has had their account removed from Facebook because Mary Janes promotes the promotion of marijuana legalization. Mary Janes had to actually put up a fight to get their page back up. This is the first form of censorship I noticed on Facebook regarding pro-marijuana support and this account was banned nearly 2 years ago, that page went down for nearly a month. If putting up a fight could get their page back then putting up a fight can bring fair advertising back! Just visit the Facebook page for "Legalize Marijuana" to see what you can do (it's a hot topic on their page right now) and just say now!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Rules For Smoking Bud

There are no official rules to smoking weed, many smoking traditions are just made up as time goes on. Below are some rules my stoner group and I follow:

1. Whoever owns the weed chooses who gets first hit.

2. Whoever packs the weed or owns the paper/wrap/bowl gets 2nd hit, only the owner of the weed or the bowl packs.

3. Once the smoking starts, nobody else joins unless everyone has come down to a minimal buzz (you know that moment when you all start to get high together and it just feels awesome).

4. When we go out to smoke, someone brings something to drink. Doesn't matter what it is, cottonmouth is a bitch and needs to be stopped quickly.

5. New members of the group must smoke with the group four times before being considered apart of the group.

6. When the bowl is feeling cached, that person must speak up.

7. Whoever spills the bong water must clean it up in a timely manner.

8. Can't light the bowl because of the wind outside? Help each other our, block that shit!

9. The host decides where to smoke.

10. Don't EVER pressure someone into smoking weed. Let them decide for themselves, don't force anything upon them, that just gives us a bad name. At the most you may ask them if they want to join in the smoke session.

11. Pass to the left.

12. Don't hog the food if there's enough to go around.

This, I want to hear from YOU. What are YOUR rules for group smoking? If you saw this on Support Marijuana Legalization's Google Plus page then you have a Google account most likely which means you can comment (I locked comments to people who don't have a Google account, got a lot of spam).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teen Drug and Alcohol Use


Drug and alcohol use among teens is a problem in our country, and to fight this problem we need honest education, from both parents and teens, about not just what drugs do, but what certain drugs do. Saying “don't do drugs” or “drugs are bad” is one of the worst things you can say to somebody, because it leaves out tons of information. When people become parents they should be sure that their child is truly educated about the world around them. Schools don't tell the full story when it comes to drugs, alcohol, even proper diet and exercise. When schools teach information they go by a set of guidelines set by their superiors by the government

After everybody is fully educated the next step is to get an understanding on both sides. Now, prohibition in America works like prohibition from drugs and alcohol from parents, it doesn't work. Regulation does work, the United States saw that during “The Great Experiment” and Portugal saw its effects as well.1 Saying “yes, you can do this, don't do it around me and remember what can happen if you do this, I just don't wanna see you doing this” will make drug use not seem so exciting because risk is exciting and for thrill seekers, it's entertaining. When you lose risk, you lose some fun and people often do drugs because they're fun, not because they're depressed (though that does happen) but because there's entertainment with drugs, the same applies to alcohol. Strongly discouraging drug and alcohol use and regulating them (say, zero tolerance policy in the house) is the best thing our government can do for most drugs, this may also work in families as well.

Be sure that their entire family knows what is going on, not just mom and dad. If the kid gets arrested for having drugs or alcohol on them, depending on the situation, can make the teen feel really bad about what they did, especially if brought to shame by their family because of their own actions, especially if their household is very informed about the truth of drugs and alcohol, not those stupid propaganda filled commercials and billboards the government pays for (such as the ones about marijuana). The government lies, we all know that, the government has bad teaching tactics for its public and often, in its schools. To ensure teens know the best and honest information about drugs and alcohol, they should research the facts on all sides with their family so they can get truthful information about what happens when drugs and alcohol are taken, especially during teenage years. When it comes to families and drug use I know and have known people who started doing harder drugs, most of them being from strict and misinformed families. My friends that have family that are not extremely strict about drugs tend to now do drugs, at the most they would smoke marijuana but refuse to touch anything else as they know what truly happens when people do drugs.

In conclusion, the current method of controlling drug us among people, especially teens, is a failed method. In order for people to not want to do drugs they need to be educated about what happens and not be threatened by anybody if they do drugs, the only threat teens should face are the effects drugs and alcohol will do to themselves. If you're a parent and you're concerned about you kid smoking marijuana then support legalization. Legalizing marijuana has countless benefits and would make access to marijuana harder for teens. Most teens struggle to find alcohol but can walk down the street and buy some weed by someone.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mainstream Media, the Corrupt Free Speech

Mainstream media is a phrase that has been brought up a lot lately, and a reason for this phrase being brought up a lot is due to the fact that lots of people are noticing how they do businesses. As more people use foreign news outlets such as RT (Russia Today) and AlJazera and American news outlets start to descend in popularity the people are starting to notice what information wasn't previously available to them and how the stories of the foreign news outlets tend to bring to light many things about the United States and its government that were previously unknown to American citizens. When it comes to politics, war, drugs, etc. American news sources tend to go one way. In politics they tend to support the American government, when it comes to war they tend to support going to another war (check out what's been going on with Iran) and when it comes to drugs the American mainstream media sticks on the side of keeping its current classification, even when representatives of groups such as NORML and SSDP are on the news segment and they give substantial reasons for the reclassification of drugs.

Now, to a lot of people this isn't really news but every American mainstream media sources has some kind of censorship to it, weather it's politicians that want to look better or the government wants to hide something, it's there in some form and controlled by the rich and the government. Here's an example of my experience with mainstream media censorship. I was on Facebook and there was a post about the presidential elections. Twice I posted a comment on how mainstream media outlets such as MSN/MSNBC should be ignored and that people should do their research on the Republican nominations, both of those posts were removed. I made another post explaining how MSN violated my first amendment rights, they removed it along with other posts explaining how mainstream media was a poor choice when it comes to getting your information. Another example is how Ron Paul won the popular vote on the US Virgin Islands, the American mainstream news said Mitt Romney won the popular vote, when in fact, he didn't. It was Dr. Ron Paul. And my final example, marijuana. Over the decades marijuana has been demonized and hated by the American government. When a positive study about marijuana is done it's never the American mainstream media that reports on it, they only report things that are negative. I remember reading an article on MSNBC's website about how a kid died from smoking K2 (they called it “synthetic marijuana”) and later studies (ignored by American media of course) showed that it was the PEZ dispenser's melted plastic that killed him, not the K2.

All in all, American news is almost, if not, just as bad as news outlets in North Korea and China (the state run news companies), the information is one sided and going to another American news source will have only a change in politics, the information will still be censored and blocked from the American people. I highly recommend getting away from American news, the only American news I trust is the local news when it comes to the weather as it's pointless for the government to block out that information from the people. If you're ready to open your eyes to a new level of information I recommend Jl Jazeera, RT, NTDTV (mostly Asian news though), and Guardian News. There are many more great censorship free sources for information out there, you just have to look for them.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Prohibition Encourages Drug Use

Though it's quite obvious how that when a substance that's easy to obtain is made illegal which causes that drug's use to go up, it's kind of hard for some people to find all the sources. I'm gonna explain to you five examples on how prohibition has made a substance that was once legal, that was made illegal, has promoted its use.

Alcohol Prohibition
Yes, most of us know of alcohol prohibition. It started in 1920 in the United States, long story short it failed. But how could prohibiting a substance that was once legal make it more popular? There are many reasons for that. One reason for that is that when a substance is made illegal it's more daring for many people, it's exciting at first and when most people get into drinking they tend to enjoy it more and more. Alcohol poisoning also went up 400%. Another reason is that alcohol was found to have medical benefits, you could get medical alcohol. Alcohol is so engraed in our culture that you simply cannot get rid of its use, it's impossible. No matter how many people you arrest, how harsh the penalties are, how much money you pour into the effort, it simply doesn't work. Sound familiar? Eventually the government caved in and made alcohol, once again, legal.

Marijuana Prohibition
Everyone that knows even just a little bit about marijuana knows that alcohol prohibition and marijuana prohibition go hand in hand, they're extremely similar. The difference: it's a different substance. Unlike alcohol as lots of people know, marijuana has never killed a single person in history, and its use dates back to about 8,000 years (some estimates show as far back 10,000 years). THC has a potential to cure cancer, protect our environment, provide millions of jobs, but to make this short, it does tons of good. Ever sense marijuana prohibition kicked in marijuana use and potency went up while in some states, as marijuana use goes up, alcohol use goes down. You see where I'm going with this? Good.

Michigan makes K2 illegal
Ever sense Michigan has made K2 illegal I have been seeing use among people sky rocket. It was kind of cool at first and then people started to learn more about it and more people tried it, people didn't like it. When it became illegal here I've been smelling it as I walk down the street, even more gas stations sell it than before because if its demand! It's very hard to regulate as K2 can be made up of many ingredients, you can even make it in your own home easily with the stop at a store or two.

Salvia made illegal in Michigan
In 2010 Michigan made salvia illegal, its use was quite low as people liked to smoke marijuana here more than anything, well, they still do. Now that salvia has been thrown into the underground market you can go to a marijuana dealer's house and ask for it and you'll have about a 40% chance of getting it. Anyone of any age can now obtain it, you used to have to be 18 or even 21 to buy it at most stores, depending on store policy.

Portugal makes all drugs legal in 2001
Portugal for a while had a major heroin problem, they had about 400,000 users of the drug. Now, in case you don't know, for the size of Portugal that's a huge number of users. In 2011 Portugal reported that heroin use went down by over half, pretty impressive huh? I wrote an article on Portugal's drug legalization here.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Save your seeds, unleash the love!

Now, this may sound like something stupid that someone would post on YouTube (in fact, it's all over YouTube...) but this thing, I believe will make a major impact.
You see, when there was alcohol prohibition people were making the alcohol in these hidden places, it wasn't grown like marijuana is as alcohol is well, not a plant. In case you don't know this yet, hemp is most definitely a plant and unlike most plants, can grow almost everywhere. Think of it as grass (no pun intended). There are many stoners out there who smoke, weather it's mids or chronic, most stoners have a few seeds laying around for whatever reason. Now that we have that out of the way, let's set a goal.
Our goal is to save our seeds and on 420, unleash the love! Throw/plant your seeds EVERYWHERE! From the sides of roads to a vacant house to those woods, and let them grow! If this is done all at once in every major city and many small towns, law enforcement will have such a tough time getting all the weed cleaned up that they'll have to do something about it. When you try to get rid of something at such a high scale it tends to backfire on you. Weather more money has to be spent on law enforcement or people start to accept the fact that the plants are everywhere and that they're not causing any harm, either way, something (most likely something positive) will happen.
The choice is up to you, are you willing to take a small risk to throw/plant your seeds on 4/20 and help change our laws and daily lives in countless positive manners or will you continue to hide safely in your homes away from society?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big Pharma

Yes, most of us know who that is and most of us don't like them. Marijuana legalization advocates tend to know a thing or two more about pharmaceutical companies than the average person. Why would we know more about these evil bastards? Simple: we know how dangerous pharmaceuticals can be. Between 1999 and 2006 about 65,000 people have died from opioid allergic reactions, this is not counting any other pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical death is on the rise as the companies expand their market. As time goes on more and more pharmaceuticals are prescribed to patients One reason for this is the fact that pharmaceutical companies tend to give 'bonuses' or 'incentives' for prescribing their drugs to patients, even if those drugs are not needed. Many of these drugs are known for being dangerous and many of them shouldn't even be on the market. These drugs are so dangerous that they're one of the reasons why medical marijuana was set up by so many states in the past year. With a total death toll of zero, marijuana is one of the safest drugs for treating countless health problems. With that fact big pharma has its reasons to pay off our politicians to ensure marijuana is illegal. Big pharma isn't the only one that wants marijuana to be illegal, it's private prisons as well. Private prisons make most of their money from people who have been arrested on marijuana charges.
Main source: NORML