Monday, February 20, 2012

Prohibition Encourages Drug Use

Though it's quite obvious how that when a substance that's easy to obtain is made illegal which causes that drug's use to go up, it's kind of hard for some people to find all the sources. I'm gonna explain to you five examples on how prohibition has made a substance that was once legal, that was made illegal, has promoted its use.

Alcohol Prohibition
Yes, most of us know of alcohol prohibition. It started in 1920 in the United States, long story short it failed. But how could prohibiting a substance that was once legal make it more popular? There are many reasons for that. One reason for that is that when a substance is made illegal it's more daring for many people, it's exciting at first and when most people get into drinking they tend to enjoy it more and more. Alcohol poisoning also went up 400%. Another reason is that alcohol was found to have medical benefits, you could get medical alcohol. Alcohol is so engraed in our culture that you simply cannot get rid of its use, it's impossible. No matter how many people you arrest, how harsh the penalties are, how much money you pour into the effort, it simply doesn't work. Sound familiar? Eventually the government caved in and made alcohol, once again, legal.

Marijuana Prohibition
Everyone that knows even just a little bit about marijuana knows that alcohol prohibition and marijuana prohibition go hand in hand, they're extremely similar. The difference: it's a different substance. Unlike alcohol as lots of people know, marijuana has never killed a single person in history, and its use dates back to about 8,000 years (some estimates show as far back 10,000 years). THC has a potential to cure cancer, protect our environment, provide millions of jobs, but to make this short, it does tons of good. Ever sense marijuana prohibition kicked in marijuana use and potency went up while in some states, as marijuana use goes up, alcohol use goes down. You see where I'm going with this? Good.

Michigan makes K2 illegal
Ever sense Michigan has made K2 illegal I have been seeing use among people sky rocket. It was kind of cool at first and then people started to learn more about it and more people tried it, people didn't like it. When it became illegal here I've been smelling it as I walk down the street, even more gas stations sell it than before because if its demand! It's very hard to regulate as K2 can be made up of many ingredients, you can even make it in your own home easily with the stop at a store or two.

Salvia made illegal in Michigan
In 2010 Michigan made salvia illegal, its use was quite low as people liked to smoke marijuana here more than anything, well, they still do. Now that salvia has been thrown into the underground market you can go to a marijuana dealer's house and ask for it and you'll have about a 40% chance of getting it. Anyone of any age can now obtain it, you used to have to be 18 or even 21 to buy it at most stores, depending on store policy.

Portugal makes all drugs legal in 2001
Portugal for a while had a major heroin problem, they had about 400,000 users of the drug. Now, in case you don't know, for the size of Portugal that's a huge number of users. In 2011 Portugal reported that heroin use went down by over half, pretty impressive huh? I wrote an article on Portugal's drug legalization here.