Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mainstream Media, the Corrupt Free Speech

Mainstream media is a phrase that has been brought up a lot lately, and a reason for this phrase being brought up a lot is due to the fact that lots of people are noticing how they do businesses. As more people use foreign news outlets such as RT (Russia Today) and AlJazera and American news outlets start to descend in popularity the people are starting to notice what information wasn't previously available to them and how the stories of the foreign news outlets tend to bring to light many things about the United States and its government that were previously unknown to American citizens. When it comes to politics, war, drugs, etc. American news sources tend to go one way. In politics they tend to support the American government, when it comes to war they tend to support going to another war (check out what's been going on with Iran) and when it comes to drugs the American mainstream media sticks on the side of keeping its current classification, even when representatives of groups such as NORML and SSDP are on the news segment and they give substantial reasons for the reclassification of drugs.

Now, to a lot of people this isn't really news but every American mainstream media sources has some kind of censorship to it, weather it's politicians that want to look better or the government wants to hide something, it's there in some form and controlled by the rich and the government. Here's an example of my experience with mainstream media censorship. I was on Facebook and there was a post about the presidential elections. Twice I posted a comment on how mainstream media outlets such as MSN/MSNBC should be ignored and that people should do their research on the Republican nominations, both of those posts were removed. I made another post explaining how MSN violated my first amendment rights, they removed it along with other posts explaining how mainstream media was a poor choice when it comes to getting your information. Another example is how Ron Paul won the popular vote on the US Virgin Islands, the American mainstream news said Mitt Romney won the popular vote, when in fact, he didn't. It was Dr. Ron Paul. And my final example, marijuana. Over the decades marijuana has been demonized and hated by the American government. When a positive study about marijuana is done it's never the American mainstream media that reports on it, they only report things that are negative. I remember reading an article on MSNBC's website about how a kid died from smoking K2 (they called it “synthetic marijuana”) and later studies (ignored by American media of course) showed that it was the PEZ dispenser's melted plastic that killed him, not the K2.

All in all, American news is almost, if not, just as bad as news outlets in North Korea and China (the state run news companies), the information is one sided and going to another American news source will have only a change in politics, the information will still be censored and blocked from the American people. I highly recommend getting away from American news, the only American news I trust is the local news when it comes to the weather as it's pointless for the government to block out that information from the people. If you're ready to open your eyes to a new level of information I recommend Jl Jazeera, RT, NTDTV (mostly Asian news though), and Guardian News. There are many more great censorship free sources for information out there, you just have to look for them.

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