Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cannabis Revolution Is In Full Force!

If you're a news junkie stoner like myself you've heard this a billion times, Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana on November 6th and the legislation won. The laws also kicked in in both states just a few days ago. Oregon also voted on the issue but sadly the bill was defeated, which makes sense because the bill was poorly written and even myself found a ton of holes. Now, Mitt Romney is a hardcore asshole about cannabis and karma just kicked him in the nuts when the state he previously was governor of legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, good job Massachusetts!

What else happened? My home city (Grand Rapids) and three more cities (Detroit and Flint) in Michigan decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. In my city if you're 19 or older and were caught with an ounce or less of marijuana here are the punishments: 1st offense, $50 fine, second offense, $100 fine, third offense and more $150 each. With this, Grand Rapids officers can focus on real crimes such as the prostitution problem and the high violence rate. At least 3 times a week on the local news there's a murder and nearly every day a robbery. Even though there are tons of benefits, someone tried to sue my city for passing a law that VOTERS voted in favor for, as if our votes were useless which delayed the law's effect that was supposed to kick in in the 6th, screw you sir.

Like alcohol prohibition, marijuana prohibition is ending with the states taking these issues into their own hands. When marijuana is legalized fully through this cannabis revolution we'll see a rebirth in the United States. The nation and states will have billions of more dollars to spend in this much needed economy, the drug war will come to a screeching halt which would lead to less police resources wasted, less money wasted, and much less violence among gangs fighting for territory that are funded by drug sales, mostly marijuana sales.

Not only will the United States benefit from legalization but so will Mexico. Mexico brings in about 45% of the marijuana consumed. Yes, Mexican marijuana sucks but the prices are unbeatable which makes people want to purchase it and when they do, the money leads back to Mexico where drug cartels battle each other and even Mexico's law enforcement over territory. If their funding is cut off then the drug cartels will have no reason to keep fighting over drug trade and they will no longer have money for weapons and other things alike.

Now, stated in this article I said Mexican cannabis is very cheap and easy to obtain so a question comes up, what about the children obtaining marijuana? Here's one for ya, because of prohibition, those who are under age are able to get as much marijuana as they want, especially at that price. Dealers don't ask for ID so obtaining marijuana is super easy. How would ending prohibition make it harder for under age people to obtain marijuana? Let's refer back to alcohol, alcohol is regulated and very hard for those under the legal age to obtain alcohol, especially in the United States where the age is 21. When you have a regulated market dealers don't deal alcohol as their primary age group isn't people under 21 in the first place, but dealers still sell. Hell, I even went to high school with weed dealers! If you want children to stop smoking pot, then legalize it!

With these benefits and with public knowledge about marijuana coming out more truthfully our nation and with 50% of all Americans supporting the ending of prohibition it won't be long until better days come. It'll be harder for children to obtain it, become cheaper to the point where drug cartels stop selling even after taxes and will generate billions of dollars while preventing ruined lives not ruined by pot itself, but the laws that plague it.

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