Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Revolution

2013 just happened and so have our resolutions. The Cannabis Revolution continues, and somehow these are all linked. Last year was an incredible leap for the Cannabis Revolution in the United States and there's no reason why 2013 can't be just as, or more effective in fighting for our cause, the legalization of marijuana! Two states legalized marijuana and many others have legalized it for medicinal purposes, though only one legalized it for medicinal purposes last election season. Last year was historical, this year can land its mark on history as well even though it's not a major year for law reform. This year, we're going to see the positive effects on Washington's and Colorado's passed inititives, well, at least we hope we do. When we see what happens to these two states people will most likely be more confident about supporting the legalization of marijuana in their states, let alone in their country. This may influence not just Americans, but people of other nations as well where marijuana prohibition has plagued millions.

Next year we're expecling a slew of states to bring marijuana legalizaion to their ballots. Oregon and California will no doubt try once again to legalize cannabis. With Oregon being very close to passing a bill, a bill which was poorly written, we should see an esclation of support amongst Oregon residents if a well written bill is created. California is inching their way towards legalization, many people even thought California would be the first state to legalize marijuana but sadly their bill was defeated in 2010. With large amounts of propaganda being filled on the radio, television, and Internet for California citizens, many people were afraid of legalization. Bullshit websites such as one that showed a turned over school bus that stated that school bus drivers could smoke marijuana when on the job struck fear into many people, even though it was clear that if one were to drive under the influence that anybody driving high would get a DUI, and we all know how harsh the punishments for DUIs are.

Amist the issues of lies and excuses lies hope. With a small amount of effort to head to the voting booth and doing something as simple as sharing information over socail networking sites, we can see more change happening. Information is all over the Internet, just ignore the government's lies about cannabis and keep informed on your local politics. Petitions will most likely go around a dozzen states this year calling for the legaliation of marijuana. 2013 is a key year, the first full year where two states will have legal marijuana, but we can't soley rely on the hopeful example they may set. Though Washington and Colorado are the keys, we are the hands, and without people to unlock the door to ending prohibition, the door will remain shut.

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