Sunday, January 19, 2014

President Obama's Failed Logic About Cannabis Prohibition

This is the CNN post I'm responding to: [link]

Recently, President Obama stated that he thinks marijuana prohibition should continue, but he also wants to take pot away from kids, says cannabis is safer than alcohol, and to stop arresting people for extended periods of time for possessing marijuana. This is the confusing part, in what way does prohibition help us out with any of these issues? Let's take a look at them.

Recently, Mr. Obama stated marijuana is safer, a well known fact that most Americans now recognize. Why does the president support the prohibition of a substance that's safer than alcohol? If it's safer, wouldn't you think one of the most powerful people on Earth would care for the well being of the people that they overshadow in hopes of having a healthier society? In states where cannabis use is higher, alcohol use is lower. Going with that statistic, people who smoke pot tend to not drink as much as people who don't smoke pot. This is a good thing, right? People want to use a safer substance than alcohol and still become intoxicated, let them use it.

Let's look at the children, children are an important factor to take into consideration when there's a debate about drugs, it affects them. So, Mr. Obama wants to take pot away from kids, that's understandable. A developing body shouldn't have any drugs in their system, drugs are much worse on a developing body. But, here's the thing, when you regulate a substance, where do you get the substance? You get it from a shop. Who's selling it to you? The person behind the register. What do they ask for when you purchase alcohol, tobacco, black powder, and a number of other regulated things? An ID. You see, dealers obviously don't ask for identification, they don't care how old you are or who you are, they just want your business. In the black market, anyone can purchase anything, and when a black market exists, there's no legal competition and prices are very high making some very bad people (such as drug cartels), very rich. Do you want to take drugs from kids? If you're like most people, yes, you do. Legalizing marijuana would prevent many people under the legal age from obtaining it. Before I turned 21, finding a single beer was a bitch. Nobody wanted to buy my friends and I alcohol. Why? These people had to go into a store (which is nerve wracking for some) and have a higher risk of getting caught. I could get weed just fine. Why? BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL! Knocking on someone's door is much more discrete. Some people may say "what if the kids just start taking their parents' weed?" Well, kids will steal anything, they're still better off stealing something that's safer than alcohol and tobacco, especially if cannabis is regulated. Would you rather have your kids take some of your regulated weed that has to meet health codes or get some schwag from Mexico that has god knows what in it?

Our president also wants to stop people from being arrested for extended periods of time because they were doing a substance that's safer than alcohol, this part is really really confusing to me. When you legalize something, you stop arresting people for doing that previously illegal act or from possessing something that was previously illegal. In my state, we recently legalized "fun" fireworks. Since then, my state has made millions due to the double taxation and just as many people as the previous years were harmed because of them. Less people were also arrested for possessing these fireworks. Hell, many towns in the state even placed bans on when the fireworks can be used, the laws have worked wonderfully and it's rare to hear a single firework outside of a national holiday in most cities. What about marijuana? Will the same thing happen if we legalize it? History has proven that it will.

Every time our president opens his mouth, I feel like we're being lied to and we're having our intelligence insulted. This is a perfect example of a politician stating a bunch of crap in hopes that people will just go with it. Mr. Obama, 58% of Americans don't agree with you, it's time to give up on prohibition and let us smoke pot. People will do it whether you like it or not, you might as well restrict it from younger people and put health codes in so our pot doesn't have dangerous chemicals in it while funding many schools that have had to close down in the recent years. Education and regulation works, prohibition does not.